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Sinus arrhythmia pvc bigem at 16


Hi my son is 16 He has had pvc now for 4 yrs just came on suddnely he was fit playing sport but last year struggle to breath out of breath during running and sport he's heart is strucually sound had MRI but recently now has increased pvc he also now has bigeminy as well he's specialist won't do an ablation said there is no need he will just have to put up with his heart cond he also told me there is a risk of stroke or could die and there is no guarantee it woukd work if ablation was done " he's just stared taking the drug noten but his blood pressure is low and is always tired iam at a loss what to do it stresses me out i feel helpless in what to do to help my son any info or support would be welcome

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Good morning,

Thank you for your post.

I would love to help you and send you some information to reassure you.

As your question is fairly complex and i have some information to send you, would you be able to put this into an email and sent it to

Best wishes,

Charlene, Support Assistant, Patient Services

Please are you able to share this info with us all

Who are suffering from ectopics, bigeminy etc. Thank you


Dear Gillie,

Thank you for your message.

Our sister charity AF Association has a fact sheet about ectopic beats, which you can view by clicking here file:///C:/Users/c.payne/Downloads/170502-zh-FINAL-Ectopic%20Heartbeats.pdf

If you would like any more in depth or personal advice, please do feel free to email or call us.

Best Wishes,

Charlene, Support Assistant,Patient Services

Thank you very much



Sorry poor boy not a pleasant experience

For a teenager: I had svt from 19 years

After years of doc saying it was nerves I turned up at A&E : they admitted me for a week and tests revealed svt lasted 2/3 hours 285 pulse : was controlled after with verapamil but recently developed pvcs and bigimy meds changed to bisoprolo and helping a lot Cardiio said as long as heart healthy no risk to health from thousands of these things a day have had

Tests to confirm heart sound just wonky electrical signals

Don’t understand why your doc would say son at risk of stroke ect that’s a worry

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