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Life changing

Hi everyone

I've been getting pvc and svt since Christmas 2017.

I'm taking Verapamil and Tambocor at the moment I still get the occasional strange short missed beat or similar some days.

It makes me feel a little off like lightheaded and strange feeling.

One specialist has told me to live with it another specialist has told me to get EP study I'm not sure what I should do.

I really hate getting these pvc and svt makes me really feel not myself.

Any advice would be very much appreciated

Regards Marty.

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Hi Marty

My worst fear was being ablated for SVT 8 years ago . Best thing ever !! My advice research your elsectrocardiolgist . . I saw Dr Edward Rowland at London Heart Hospital (nhs) or I was told Leicester. I'm a former Cardiology ward and some Drs are better than others. Hope that helps .Fiona


Thank you Fiona my main issue seems to be PVCs they really have changed my life because how they make me feel all lightheaded and weak.

I'm in Sydney and I'm definitely thinking of getting the ablation if it will help me be rid of this condition.

Sounds like it really was the right decision for you Fiona.

Really appreciate your advice.


SVT severely freaked me out and prior to being diagnosed Drs and family had me down as anxious and a pain . I'm quite bitter about that . I wouldn't wish palpitations on my worst enemy. Be positive and pick your Dr!!

Warmest Regards


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Thank you Fiona no matter what I'm doing or feeling the strange flutter can come and how it makes me feel after is very debilitating.I do find it quite frightening.

I'm staying positive and seeing the cardiologist again in a couple of weeks again.

Thank you Fiona.


I found it really helps to stay as calm as possible , Marty . That's good coming from me but I listened to relaxing visualisations on YouTube and stopped as much caffeine as poss . Have a good weekend . You will be ok I'm sure Fiona


Thanks Fiona I've cut out caffeine I'm only drinking the occasional decaf these days.I'm hoping everything will be ok for me never had any major health issues until this heart problem started.Hoping for a round of golf tomorrow all being well.

Take care and thanks again.


You enjoy your golf ! Great idea !!


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