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Clustered supraventricular beats

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Hi all

In addition to ventricular beats, m

y reveal device is showing clustered supraventricular beats. When they happen it feels like I have about ten extra beats in quick succession. When they have finished my heart pounds extra hard and fast for a couple of seconds and I get a bit of a rush of blood to the head.

The cardiac physiologists rang me to see if I had accompanying symptoms. I find symptoms are there but not as severe as a pvc (where I can't breathe and feel like I've been punched in the stomach).

She seemed slightly concerned but wouldn't discuss it with me l. I asked if it was SVt and she said no, just Supraventricular beats happening together.

Do any of you have experience of these happening in clusters? What could it mean?

The hospital has completely messed up and unfortunately I'm not even under the care of an electrophysiologist, despite having the loop recorder. I got 'lost' off system so am trying to sort that out.

In the meantime thank you in advance for your help


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I get clusters of ectopics, in fact without drugs I get ectopics constantly all day every day. I've also had on a few occasions when I've had what feels like a gap in beats followed by a huge thump that has me gasp.

I'm under and Electrophysiologist who tried me on various drugs and I ended up on Disopyramide which is a sodium channel blocker I think. It works amazingly on me and I've gone from a pulse that is all over the place all the time, to a strong regular rhythm, so far anyhow!

Not sure if this is any help but hope you get a solution.


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Thank you for your reply. May I ask what your electrophysiologist's view on the beats is? I know some don't like to treat the ectopic beats and I can't work out why some require treatment and others don't.

I'm glad to hear the Disopyramide helps you, long may it continue!


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Hi jellybean000

I didn't go into great detail with him to be honest, but he didn't seem particularly concerned. But he wanted to try and get things under control, I'm guessing because they were constant and debilitating. My pulse was weak and muddled, and walking was difficult, even though I'm fit.


Hi glad you've had the recorder fitted now hope it wasn't too bad .

Understand what you describe about the episodes of a short run of beats in succession. I experience the same now and then . Can't really tell you why though but nobody seems to be concerned. I take a low dose of bisoprolol which seems to calm all the extra beats down most of the time.

I know how you feel about getting lost in the system you do feel abit like they fit the device pat you on the head and send you on your way. I had mine fitted September then received an appointment to see the electrophysiologist in 12 months!! I know the system is overwhelmed but think would be reassuring if somebody at least contacted you now and then to make sure your using it appropriately etc . I was told not too download too often as they would charge the GP surgery? So I've only done it twice so far.

Hope you manage to get yourself back under their care soon at least

Good luck

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Hi Lucy,

Thanks for your reply.

The quick succession beats are very disconcerting. Mine have really ramped up a gear over the last year and I can't work out why. I'm glad you're having some success with the bisoprolol.

I completely agree re the contacting and reassuring. I had to ring up twice as I wasn't sure how it actually worked, and I was told different things each time! The GP being charged bit is new to me and sounds a bit odd! I know that mine automatically transmits to the hospital every night and if I've clicked then that recording goes through over the transmission. I still can't understand what the manual transmissions are for when it's all done automatically.

I hope you continue to have some peace with the bisoprolol and thank you for replying.

I guess the awkward question is how many so ectopics in a cluster is classified as svt?


This is a question I asked the cardiac physiologist when they rang me to discuss my recorded episode. I said 'so is this SVT?' to which she said no, just supraventricular beats. It didn't feel like a regular fast rhythm, more like flurries of beats. Very difficult to describe indeed!

Many thanks

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Hi jellybean000

Yes ,hard to describe I know what you mean.

I have this too and agree it is like a flurry of many extremely

Fast beats in 6-8 to 10 in between normal beats which do get your attention but I don't get it very often! Although my Cardiologist says I should stop focusing on my heart .I explained to my GP who said this is not Eptopic beats I did ask Consultant Cardiologist what they are?

He didn't seem bothered and explained they are ectopic beats that are benign (but I'm not so sure)and he didn't mention anything about testing with Holter ,but I did have a test 4 yrs ago which revealed the occasional Supraventricular ectopic beat(which maybe what he means) .I am taking Bisoprolol 2.5mg which has stopped this so far and I only get it when not taking Betablockers.

I had a Mitral Valve Repair

4 years ago and Echo Test every 2 yrs which have been

Very good results .

I also have had Sinus Tachycardia at least once a month

Usually was 4- 5 times a year but quite a few times this year.But the Bisoprolol has controlled this too.

My Cardiologist has discharged me recently which is quite unusual

As normally with valve repair you are seen over many years

To review how things are going ,it could be that my Cardilogist is an extremely well qualified to make this

Type of decision but in the USA the Cardiologist's think it unwise.

Good Luck.

I would recommend reading Dr Carolyn Dean's book ' The Magnesium Miracle' or her blog. She is an expert on arrhythmia treatment with Magnesium. My wife had ectopics for about a year and now she is completely cured with help of Magnesium. But not all Magnesium are the same, the pico ionic form is the best one.

Think my Apple Watch is making me crazy. When I see my heart rate go from 189 to 40 in a second and then back to normal, I get so scared that I think it worsens the problem. I feel pounding and tightness in my chest and feel kind of shaky. This all started just a few weeks ago and I am wearing a Zio heart monitor now. Problem is I am scheduled for joint replacement surgery next month and wonder if this heart issue makes surgery more risky. I am really so terrified! Do you know if the high heart beat followed by a quick dip (to 30s or 40s) is due to PVCs?

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