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occasional rapid contraction at rest followed by delayed firing

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Hi everyone

new here, a bit scared actually. Recently my brother 52 died of a sudden heart failure after been given the all clear (ECG, Stress Test, Echo etc), although there was some thickening of the lower left ventricle corner, none significant said his cardiologist. Cutting it short I did the same and was given the all clear, but recently noticed an abrupt contraction every 4th beat at rest don't know the origin any help would be great



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Dear John687,

Sorry to hear about your brother! You should check what is heart failure reason was, usually I understand it is a slowly progressive decease, or whether it triggered arrhythmias. You should monitor yourself, if that is possible, do cardiac MRI, best under stress, clearly holter - and if there are suspicious activity do the EP study that test the wrong rhythms. Keep this studies.

Best regards,


Thanks nano-science, went to the ER did the ECG x 2, 1st block prolonged P-R interval

possible hereditary, some thickening of left ventricle, should be monitored every month. Have to do the genetic test, still fighting

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