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SVT delaying pregnancy


Hi there-

I'm more writing this to just vent (sorry) but to see if any other women have experienced this.

I was diagnosed with SVT back when I was 22, and generally it has been managed by beta blockers (25 mg/day). My husband and I made the decision for me to have an ablation this February so that we could start trying to conceive this summer. I went through the ablation (was awake during it which was...interesting! But I got through it!) and stopped my meds one month post-op. Two months post-op I went back for my check up expecting and hoping to get the all-clear...and was told I still have arrhythmia and need another ablation.

I have FULL faith in my doctor - he is nothing but competent, compassionate, kind, and hard working. But I have to admit I am devastated. My husband and I were so looking forward to trying to start a family. And now I have to wait 2 months for another ablation, and then 2 months after that for the all-clear.

I'm so nervous that this one won't work, and then I'm either going to need another ablation or I'm going to have to try and just have a pregnancy on beta blockers.

I realize this is not the end of the world. It's not cancer. I'm 30 and still have time to start a family. But it was so defeating to know that I have to hope that another ablation will do the trick.

Thanks for listening :)

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I know it is a blow to your plans but a few months in the scheme of things is only very rarely important.

Good luck. 

svtsin30s in reply to PeterWh

Thanks. I know in the grand scheme of things it will all work out! Just frustrating and very unexpected. 

I know this sounds like an obvious question but do you have any way of controlling the palpitations aside from medication? I've suffered from SVT since I was a teenager and had my ablation after having two kids (when I was 36 years old). Dealing with SVT when you're pregnant is not easy and I had a C section with both of my children. Obviously if you're having prolonged palpitations that require medical intervention on a regular basis then an ablation will hopefully resolve this issue for you. Fingers crossed the second attempt will prove successful.

Best of luck


Hi Helen,

Thanks for your kind words. I'm very lucky in that I haven't needed medical intervention (i.e., cardioversion, adenisone) to reverse my SVTs, but I have noticed that when I stopped the medication (1 month post-op) they were quite noticeable. I have anxiety as well, so often when my SVTs kick-off, I go into a panic attack, and it's hard to differentiate the two (if that makes sense). My doctor recommends that I go for the second ablation so that I don't have to risk carrying a pregnancy on beta blockers/with SVT.

I realize in the grand scheme of things, my problem is small. Just frustrating since I thought I was done with all of this! :-\

Don't trivialise your situation. It must be frustrating when you feel that you need to put things on hold because of the SVT. Good luck with the ablation! Fingers crossed you can positively move on from the second procedure.

Thanls, Helen. I truly appreciate your kind words. It's sometimes hard to not feel like my anxiety is just making this 10x worse, if that makes sense. Of course, with the second ablation looming, I've become super concerned with going into SVT, and terrified of having to go to the hospital. I know it will be worth it in the end, it's just going to be a hard road getting there. 

Good luck with your heart and starting a family.

svtsin30s in reply to BobJensen

Thanks so much, Bob! I appreciate your kind words.

BobJensen in reply to svtsin30s

You are welcome. Keep us posted. Be patient.

i think we're on the same level.. I desperately want to be a mother but tachycardia doesnt let you do it😩

svtsin30s in reply to Anibla1991

I know! It is incredibly frustrating that something out of our control can impact our abilities to carry a pregnancy safely. However, I'm hoping that my next ablation tomorrow will be the answer. And if it's not, I will find another way to be a parent! Sending a hug positive vibes your way!

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