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Multiple ectopic beats in a row (2, 3 and 5)

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Hi, had lots of cardio tests last year all okay thankfully. I've had ectopics for years but last year extremely anxious got significantly worse. Last month had episodes where I've had two, then later three rapid ectopics in succession and most recently five on the trot in quick succession, like three, then a slight pause and two more. At the time felt it more front bottom of my diagram top of stomach as opposed to my heart and no other usual symptoms that I usually get with ectopics. Stupidly been looking up arrythmia on the internet and convinced myself something lethal like VT NSVT or SVT. Has anyone else had similar and been given the all clear. Being booked for 24 hour monitor (again) but so sporadic doubt it will catch them. Also I only ever seem to get them whilst laying down in bed or after several normal ectopic beats

Any help greatly appreciated as climbing the walls at present!

20 Replies
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I have them also, often lasting up to two minutes, after which I am breathless! Doc says it's an electrical thing, and to come back if it stops altogether! Thumping my chest doesn't help at all.

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Puyol101 in reply to jointpain

Hi thanks for reply. Had normal ones for years its the recent runs that freak me out. Bloody nightmare. What did he mean to come back if it stops?

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jointpain in reply to Puyol101

I think it was his attempt at a joke. Meaning if my heart stops altogether, to come back and see him. A little bit impossible if I am dead!

But it does put things into perspective, in that the doctor is really not carrying any responsibility, and once one is dead there is no comeback on the doctor, well any that will get your life back.

I try to keep my life well balanced, BMI in the middle, exercise regularly and enjoy everything.

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Puyol101 in reply to jointpain

Haha just what you wanted to hear I suspect. Although hopefully a good sign that they don't feel it's anything sinister

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Please don't fret, it will make it worse! My son often has ectopic beats, from 1-2 to as many as 20 in a row, they then go off, and can come back again later. He's 12, and they do seem to occur when he's been doing something strenuous like trampolining or football. He does have SVT, but it is not life threatening, and thus far has been well controlled by beta blockers. It is the electrical system in the heart getting trapped in a cycle of beats that's too rapid, and, in his case, the succession of ectopics is a warning to us that he's grown and needs to up his meds. My son stops his SVTs by performing 'vagal manoeuvres' such as bearing down, blowing into a syringe, and, oddly, doing roly polies! Get your 24 hr tape done, ask for an Echocardiogram and 12 lead ECG. In the meantime keep a diary of any episodes that you have, to see if there is a particular pattern to it that you or your Dr may be able to identify. But most importantly, try not to panic - SVT doesn't stop my son doing anything that he wants to do, and he is sports mad. Only if it persists for a long time to we need to act. Good luck!

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Puyol101 in reply to Lynndear

Hi thanks for reply. It's good to know other people out there with same/similar. Seeing cardiologist in just over a week so fingers crossed!

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Yes, yes, yes. I'm in same position. I know that if you get acid reflux it can irritate the vagus nerve at top of stomach, which also control heartbeat. It's horrid I know and I'm anxious which doesn't help.. We consult Dr Google because we need info but we drive ourselves mad. I do it as well, you are not alone. Best wishes and if you get answers please let me know and I'll do likewise.

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Puyol101 in reply to stargazey

Thanks for reply. Will do. I've started to only research positive/reassuring stuff as lots of older posts or research on other sites is awful. Basically anyone with any ectopic going to keel over when looking at more recent studies it all seems harmless although hard to accept that when bloody heart/ectopics keep going! I'll keep you posted. Good luck!

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I have had the same experience as you...and I too made that awful mistake of 'researching' my symptoms on the internet and felt convinced by the description that I was having NSVT. i became so frightened one night that I called 999. Now...i was taken to hospital that night but NOT with any life threatening arrythmia (just with pauses). I already knew I had AF and SVTs but i had started to experience irregular rhythms that I did not 'recognise'...just like what you described...3 really fast beats then pauses then 3 really fast again...then irregular..then 2 strong beats...then a pause...then up to 5 quick but mostly runs of 3 fast. Scared the life outta me!! I do still get it sometimes but my EP has said it is probably just ectopics and not to analyse them. I trust my EP as he sees me once a month and I don't believe he would take a risk if he thought there was something tp be concerned about. but I have had many many ECGs and EP study etc...maybe when you get all this done it will put your mind at rest. But honestly, i relate to the symptoms you describe and it is nothing to worry about in my case. Remember VT/VF and those dangerous arrythmias are quite rare in hearts that have no structural damage. Stay away from the internet thouh i reckon as i always felt more anxious when i used to try and google everything!!!!

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Puyol101 in reply to Vony

Vony thank you for your reply. Did you get referred to EP study by cardiologist or ask? I had similar issues last year which in hindsight were most likely anxiety attacks. They did a 24 hour holter, 12 lead and echo. Just wondering if more likely to do an EP this year as symptoms are different and def not panic

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Vony in reply to Puyol101

I was admitted to a coronary care ward twice within a month with fast AF and SVTs. I had went to A and E with my symptoms and was admitted to the ward from there on both occasions. Afyer the second admission, a cardiologist referred me to an EP. You should go straight to A and E with concerning symptoms or ring an ambulance as very often with arrythmias it is a matter of capturing them on an ECG when you are in them. Very best wishes to you. It is so distressing when you dont know what is going on but you will get sorted and you will be ok.

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Tracejar in reply to Vony

Vony I'm 39 I have pauses and they make me feel like everything has stopped and my pulse goes so faint and sometimes to nothing,is this the same for you? X

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Vony in reply to Tracejar

Hi Tracejar...we are more or less the same age. Yes, I get pauses daily. Holter monitors have shown mine to be 5 seconds long. I have never passed out but my EP said the reason I feel so awful when I have them is because it is the feeling one gets before a simple faint...except I don't faint (thankfully) and for me, normally the pauses happen when my heart is 'trying' to get back into a normal sinus rhythm. It is such a horrible feeling. Keep going to A and E or ring an ambulance if you feel too terrible until you know exactly what is going on with your heart. Paramedics have always been amazing with me and have often captured the arrythmias and pauses on ECG which are so often frustratingly over by the time I have got to a doctor or A and E myself. Best wishes. I hope you are coping emotionally ok with it all..that is the part i struggled most with. Take care of yourself xxxx

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eventually ecg will catch them sadly doctors had me down for panic attacks and hypochondriac till i went to a@e 36 year after i first got them and it showed up as atrial fibrilation and ectopic beats to prove them and sadly friends wrong , but dont worry as i had them thousands a day at times they very rarely danserous, when you get them try not to worry or alarm or think what is it , let them pass if real bad go to a@e but still dont worry , drink plenty water , coconut water good , gaterade , tale magnesium and calcium tabs , and repost to forum any worries uts great to have support i studied them for 38 year and food and esophagus can provoke them . best wishes , kevin the doctor

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Puyol101 in reply to richardkilty

Thanks for reply. Statistically from what I've read they are likely SVT? But obviously internet research worse thing you can do and convinced myself it was NSVT or dreaded VT

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Contra21 in reply to richardkilty

Im scared of mine. I frrak oit go so bot ep says i have ectopics bit always feel what if i have something else!

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Saw Cardio today. Thinks most likely to be top of heart (atria) which he says are benign, but need to rule out the bottom of the heart (ventricles). Going for 24 hour tape next week. What was really weird was he said my last 24hr tape from April last year showed ZERO ectopics. Also I can distinctly recall having one (what I thought was an ectopic beat) whilst wearing the monitor but not picked up. Sensation was almost identical to recent runs I've been having so now wondering if either monitor screwed up or they are something else entirely!

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Autumn822 in reply to Puyol101

Well i wore a monitor for 30 days, during which i had many!!! And only 1 showed up!!! Working on guess is not very reliable!!!

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Dear puyo

I dont know how ate you now

But if you did all trst with cardiac EP do if he tell you normal heart so dont worry because iam suffering from it since 16 years

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Yes mine can last for couple of hours especially if I eat a big carb meal 🥘 or drink wine normal beat ectopic normal ectopic on & on no thump just flutter skip

And get breathless B.B. definitely help me


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