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All clear after second ablation

Hi folks I've had two ablations one for SVT in September 2015 and one for VT in November 2015 and it's been a rough road but I have finally been given all clear from my cardiologist :)) don't have to see him for a year and if I'm still the same in a year he will discharge me.

I still have ectopic beats and am still on 2.5mg of bisoprolol but i can live with that!

Just wanted to share and say I hope it gives some reassurance that things can get better or at least improve! If you'd told me a year ago how good id be feeling now I wouldn't of believed it!

Hang in there xxx

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Thanks for that. I am also on my second ablation. Off all mess but not been feeling too good lately, feel like something is not quite right with the heart. Could be ectopic beats maybe? Will look into.


Do that I was convinced my second op had failed but got a mobile ecg monitor for 72 hours and showed ectopics only and added anxiety. On citalopram for anxiety and bisoprolol for ectopics.

How long has it been since your second op?


Six months now. Thanks for info.


Great that you are feeling better. There is hope!


Devine75 - I am THRILLED to read this! Sending a virtual high-5 your way :-) I had my 1st ablation for SVT in February, and am having my second one next Wednesday. This has been the longest few month of my life (they weren't able to fit me in until late June due to construction). Thank you for giving me hope that this will all be worth it!!


I too had an ablation in February and am awaiting another one imminently. As you say it's been the longest and for me the hardest few months of my life. I have two types of svt, one of which makes me feel faint and very dizzy and I also have a pacemaker for intermittent heart block (after the last ablation). So the combination of PM, svt, medication side effects and all the other ectopics and funny paced beats make for a pretty fun time! I've gone from being so active, running around looking after two young boys and juggling work etc to being housebound and anxious and unable to do the simplest of tasks. So to hear that there are people out there who have had more than one ablation and are doing well is so reassuring. It's scary stuff that nobody really understands unless you've experienced it yourself. I really hope yours goes well! Best wishes :)


I totally understand and strongly recommend you put your name down for CBT for after your second ablation as anxiety played a huge part in the length of time it took me to recover! I was that bad I thought the second op had failed and had to get an exg monitor for 72 hours to prove it was my nerves not svt!

I genuinely thought I'd never get a normal life back but I did and am doing great. I still have moments with my ectopics but when I think back and remind myself how bad the svt was I realise that the ectopics are nothing!!

Hang in there and good luck with the second ablation I hope it works this time. Keep me posted and here if you need to chat xxx

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It certainly is so good luck for the ablation!! Make sure you rest properly after and take care keep me posted x


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