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Palpitations almost gone spontaneously

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I had palpitations the last 3 years, increasing in frequency (first every 13th beat, than every 10th beat skipped, down to every 3rd beat or so)... They did full checks (3 sets of drs, two countries, including an angio) and while they acknowledged their existence, they said "your heart is fine; these ectopics happens"... But in the meantime, I was assigned 3 rounds of completely different medicines, some quite strong (rytmonorm) and affecting me (feeling of constant pressure on my chest), and finally very mild (darob= stalol hcl), which I liked.

After about 1 year on Darob, I got somewhat relaxed thinking that I got it checked and they found no problem, so let me ignore it. Then, 2 weeks ago I had a very long bout of flu where I coughed a lot and deep, and when I went to the doctor, I reminded him about arrythmia and my medication, and when he said let me hear them, they were almost gone (one every 30-40 beats). Now I do feel the flutters from time to time, but almost no palpitations or ectopics that I can detect from hertbeat.

Hope this helps someone as a positive example, even though I have not written in good detail...

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Wow..congratulations for your NSR..I battling with this ectopics heartbeats for years and it attack daily from wake up untill sleep...had ablation 6 months ago but unsuccessful..after 2 days procedure my ectopic flared up again full force...I'm still waiting for palpitations free days..God bless u and family and happy new year..

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Hope the best for everyone. When I discovered this newsgroup, it helped me learn the terminology and find some support. I mentioned the coughing because I had read about these two nervous system (symp-parasymp) and how diff. breathing can put you out of an afib... It was the only thing besides calming down (or rather acceptance) I cd. attribute it to.

I was diagnosed last year with a small asd(Hole), 1st degree heartblock, and vague pvcs for what seemed liked fluttering and missed beats. Sometimes it felt like flutter, sometimes it was like a huge beat and then returned to normal.. Despite all tests last year.. Normal for me. Now current I'm having same problems but more frequent.., had a slew of tests done including a stress test this time along with echo all in 2 days as they admitted me when I went in to emergency room for alot of missed beats. They admitted to make sure and rana bunch of tests.. Diagnosed.. Anxiety..

Between last year and current.. It slowed down and then came back.. I have some questions for you..

You say flutters.. Like where your heart just kinda shakes and feels funny? And then ectopic.. What are those? How does those feel. I was told Dr seens a few pvcs last year but they were vague. Are those palpitations?He has tried to reassure me but its not working.. I'm only 28 and trying not to stress over my heart skipping a lot buy its not easy.. I just wanna know what they feel like to others.. I'm glad things are better for you and I hope mine eventually fade away like they did last time. Did you have anxiety? Or anything you did to help them go away? I will not take medicine for them as doc agrees it may cause more damage then good since I have low blood pressure anyway...

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I me an flutters like butterflies in your heart, normally that is just a feeling not echoed in heart beats. My ectopics if I know the term right wwere like tic-tik-tik-tiktik-tik-tik-stop-tictic etc. Every 3-4 beat.

I would not eorry about the simple medicine, lıke low dose beta blockers since I understand they are quite widely used. I take mine when I feel anything (normal beats but anxious feeling in my heart). But when I took the heavier medicine, it was suppressing the heart, so I was feeling pressure. , same thing with one previous one, so I believe finding the righ meds is imprtant.

I walked whenever I felt the palpitations, worst is to wait and listen, you can easily put yourself in panic mode. YOu cant hear anything when you walk and I believe it is helşful.

Best wishes...

I had my second cardioversion in 5 years at the end of September. Since then I've been suffering with palpitations. I started taking magnesium supplements which helped somewhat but the palps were ever present. Then first week of January, I noticed I had gone almost a week with only a handful of palpitations. Unfortunately that was shortlived and again having them daily.

I have had an echocardiogram and halter monitor, and although the halter monitor picked up 100's of ectopics, I was told that my heart is fine phyiscally. I am waiting for a electro cardiologist appointment. In the meantime, I went to my GP last week as the palpitations are really beginning to get to me. He put me on a low dose of bisoprolol (1.25mg). I've been taking them now for just 1 week.

I've still been taking magnesium taurate daily. I noticed a couple of days ago that after taking the magnesium, my palpitations increased over the couple of hours after. I stopped taking the magnesium yesterday and feel that my palpitations have again further reduced. Today (Friday), I've not had that many. I'm hopeful that the bisoprolol is starting to have a more positive affect on them. Thankfully, I have not experienced any adverse side affected with the bisoprolol, aside from feeling a little more tired than usual.

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