Hello, I am new to this community and would like to post a question. I have had ectopic heartbeats for about 3 weeks, as well as dizziness and have an appointment to have a 24-hour heart monitor fitted on 9th November. However, the ectopic heartbeats have now stopped but I still have the dizziness.

Would they dismiss me when they find my heartbeats normal or would the NHS advise an echocardiogram if I still have the dizziness? I have thought of getting an echocardiogram done privately just to speed things up. The problem is I have to move about 200 miles away at the beginning of December and I don't think I'll be prescribed any anti-anxiety medication until they eliminate the possibility of a heart problem. I tried boarding a train last Saturday but got heart flutters and really bad dizziness, do had to get off and go home.

It seems a quite frightening dilemma when I'm having a bad day with dizziness, as I don't even feel safe to go to the supermarket, let alone a 200 mile journey on a train with a suitcase.

Hope some-one can advise about getting an echocardiogram done privately (At least that way I might know whether I really do have a heart problem or just anxiety?)



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  • A 24 hr ecg is likely to be the most useful test as well as routine bloods. I doubt an echocardiogram is going to help with the diagnosis.

  • Yes I agree. Echocardiogram I think is just looking at pumping action of heart, need e.c.g to find out uneven rhythm.

    Hope you get some answers soon❤️

  • Thanks for that. I feel reassured.

  • Thanks.

  • Hi Sylwia :) just be patient . Very often EKG , or heart monitor does'nt show really that something it's wrong with your heart . Maybe you will need more test to determinate what' s wrong with you .

    But I would advice you , for now don't take any medication for anxiety , even

    If Doctor prescribe . Try to educate yourself about that condition first .

    Good luck ! I hope you feel better 🌞 Doda

  • Thanks, Doda.

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