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I'm sorry but maybe I'm a softie but I know after my pacemaker I wasn't out the next day with clothing that went over my head, I wore buttoned tops for a couple of weeks. And then carrying a toddler on my left side. I don't think they've got it quite right where's the behaving yourself for a couple of weeks and not raising your arm. I was in agony after the local anaesthetic wore off. Sorry rant over lol 😂 Maybe it's only me that watches soaps 😝

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Hello Weejenny

Unfortunately, soap dramas are exactly that - dramatised versions of life. They rarely consider the recovery times of any operations, and do not always depict real life.

We can only be grateful that they are highlighting cardiac conditions! Here at Arrhythmia Alliance, we have received a number of calls and emails regarding Brugada Syndrome and ICD's, so this could be considered a good thing.

If you have any concerns or questions regarding your condition or device, please do get in touch info@heartrhythmalliance.org

Regards, Rachel - Patient Services Associate - Arrhythmia Alliance

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Thanks for replying Rachel yes you're absolutely right it's one of the reasons I can justify my watching soaps to my husband. They have a huge audience to point out health and social issues, it is as you say a pity they don't have time scales always right. I don't normally join in any chat online but have loved this site and have learnt so much it's been very reassuring chatting to others that understand what you're going through



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