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Hello I'm new here! A couple of questions about paroxysmal AF


Hi everyone. I was diagnosed with paroxysmal atrial fibrilation around 2009/10, and put on Aspirin and Bisoprolol indefinitely. I am now 43 years old. For years it's just came and went, maybe every few weeks. Recently the nature of it has changed. I discussed this with my GP and all they did was up my dose of Bisoprolol. Could anyone please help with a few questions:

1. When I get an episode, I have always been able to convert to sinus rhythm on my own by going for a brisk walk / jog. Even just for 30 mins. This works 100% of the time. My cardiologist seemed surprised by this. Does this seem normal for AF?

2. Recently, I have episodes maybe every couple of days, way more frequently than before. Upping my dosage of Bisoprolol only made a temporary difference.

3. My triggers have changed. Before, they used to be lack of sleep, alcohol, caffeine, etc. Now I frequently go into AF straight after a meal, immediately while drinking a cold drink, and resting on my left side.

4. I am a frequent hillwalker / mountaineer. In the last year, its been almost impossible to do this, because I frequently find prolonged uphill walking gives me a really strange feeling, like I'm going to faint, and I feel disorientated, dizzy and sick, like I could collapse. I'm not exhausted or particularly unfit, but yet it feels like my body can't cope. Yet I can sprint along a flat path without problem. I can only think this must be related either to my condition, or the medication. This is particularly distressing for me.

I seem to have no luck in getting answers from my GP. I may have to go back to a cardiologist, but thought I would ask here first for any thoughts. Many thanks!!

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Hello and welcome to the Forum ! Please do not hesitate to contact Arrhythmia Alliance direct if you would like support or advice. Please visit our website heartrhythmalliance.org/aa/... or contact our helpline 01789 867 501. You may also be interested in visiting our 'Virtual Patient Educational Platform' which features videos from leading Heart Specialists, or even registering an interest inour upcoming Patients Day 2021

Thanks Tracy. I joined last year for the Patients day and this was really interesting. I've watched a number of the videos since. I will definitely join again this year.

Hi Jambo, assuming that you have a heart free from heart disease, calcium hardness etc, you seem to be experiencing what i did on Bisoprolol. It's just too controlling, (wont let you push) but it is not very good at stopping PAF episodes. i did a test march in the Brecon Beacons whilst on bisoprolol and i had 3 episodes of PAF whilst doing it. You need to go back and talk to your specialist, and perhaps if you are otherwise heart healthy go for Flecainide acetate, or even an Ablation , which is over 90% effective at stopping PAF. I'm sadly in the other 10% for ablation, but i have been PAF free for many years now on Flecainide. Most important thing is to Talk to a professional. 👍

Thanks Jim, I had a feeling this might be the case with Bisoprolol. It's interesting to know others have experienced something similar. I will discuss further with a specialist.

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