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Arrhythmia flare ups


I was just wondering if any of you go for a couple of months with no arrythmia/pvc activity, to then have a period of weeks or a month or two where it is really bad?

I'm sure my 'phases' are not just set off by stress, they are awful when they happen and every other minute I have an arrythmia. It can then go a few weeks or months with nothing.

In fact, before my rather long spell from about May - now, I didn't have a period of severe palpitations (taking my breath away) for two years!!

I'm just wondering if anyone else experiences this phased rush of irregular activity, or whether it's just me.

I'm waiting for my echo results but have scared myself by reading about hot phases with avrc. I pretty much have all of the symptoms.


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Yes I do and they are not necessarily related to anything. Have SVT , Ectopics and leaking pulmonary valve According to my last 7 day monitor these are all benign but could worsen, necessitating an ablation.



I also have phases of SVT that are much worse than others, although sometimesI think I can relate it to stress or being tired other times it just seems to be down to chance. Pretty sure it is fairly normal!

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Yes, usually it is normal above age fifty or after coffein.

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Sure do...I'm in a quiet stretch now but can flare up for no reason at all ( at least that I'm aware of). I once went almost 10 years with only occasional PAC/PVC after my first "attack" that lasted 3-4 months. Then it started again and I was having anywhere from 3-10 in a minute. Very upsetting after a long quiet stretch isn't it?

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Thanks all. It is interesting to read your experiences. It is encouraging that this isn't just me. Had another bad spell of flutters last night after eating very mature cheddar :( I wish you all good health x


I have pvc's and they tell me not to worry about them. I've worn a 24 hour monitor and a monitor for a month. Seems like when they monitor them they disappear or only have a few. I'm like you, I may go months without but then out of the clear blue I'll have them 24-7 for weeks. I get a few beats then the skip and then a WHAM. It goes on for days. Scares me to death and I can't figure out why I have them. I'm on atenolol and have been for years but I can't see it helps much. When mine started years ago I had a mitral valve prolapse but at the time my heart would just run away with me. It would go from 70 to 120 or higher in a minute. It once went to 165 but mostly after they put me on the atenolol it would just go to the 120's. It would make it hard for me to breathe then my chest would hurt. For years they told me it was panic attacks but after they found the valve problem they said that could be the reason. I didn't have to be doing anything but sitting and it would happen. In the past year it's turned into pc's. I don't like either and have no real answers for the problem.


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