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mild short spurts of vibrations of my heart

lately i have been experiencing 1-2 seconds of very mild cell phone like vibrations in my heart. as i already have a diseased mitral valve i am worried about why this is happening. i was told one lives hapily with this valve condition and only a few people need replacement

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Hi there, sorry you're lying there unable to sleep like me. I have a prolapsed mitral valve and have also been told its not life threatening and quite common and can lead a normal life with it but to get it checked every couple of years. I also get frequent ectopic beats which have been very troublesome lately so am now on a stronger dose of slow release propranolol. which largely helps but still get the odd missed beat hence why I can't sleep now! I have been told the faulty valve isn't the cause of my irregular heart beat but can be associated with it which I find hard to comprehend, I saw my EP just last night at the london bridge hospital. He is happy for me to stay on propranolol to control ectopics as an ablation old be difficult. He is reassuring as sees this all the time and a very experienced confident cardiologist. I do totally understand how frightening palpitations are though even if told they are harmless, they are so uncomfortable. It's best you get checked and have an ecg or echo cardio gram but as with me they will probably tell you it's benign and nothing to worry about again and again. I'm so grateful for this site. Don't get on here as often a I would like as too busy but hope I've helped in that you know people like me understand and you're not alone. All the best Gill


Thanks Gil certainly helps. I will get it checked out , currently i am not on any heart medication, my cardiologist may recommend something will keep posting _Genie


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