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30 Day Cardiac Monitor

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I just got a 30 day event monitor put on today, and was just wondering anyone’s experience with it. What were your outcomes? What did it find. I had 24 hr holter monitor in the past, but of course nothing really happened to record anything, besides tachycardia. I also had a echocardiogram today. I was diagnosed with a valve that didn’t close properly, and regurgitated blood, a few years ago. Past few years it just got worse. These irregular beats are very uncomfortable, and was just getting tired of it being dismissed as anxiety (which I have, and I know anxiety exaggerates it, but that’s not the sole issue).

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Hi scarlet2020, Don't feel put out by the insistence of GPs that you are a hysterical, over-anxious person who drinks too many caffeinated drinks or eats too much chocolate. Some GPs are excellent but it's a lottery and it seems to be par for the course that many seem to take it as a personal insult that you have fallen foul of a heart arrhythmia and make it their mission to prove you wrong.

It's not unusual to attempt to capture PAF (on-off arrhythmia) for months or even years. (Four years plus in my own case).

My only experience of a 30 day monitor is that I should have had one, but turned up only to be fitted with another one for 24 hours, something I'd already had several times before!

But from speaking to those who have worn holters for longer periods, the two major problems are irritation from the electrode stickers and/or their becoming unstuck, and the obvious difficulties with hygiene, though you are allowed to take it off once a day for bathing purposes, I believe.

I'd say that this has to be a more realistic period of time than a 24 or 72 hour monitor, but still not to expect to necessarily get a result unless your frequency of PAF is under a month.

But do not be discouraged! You want and need an answer to this, whether that's to diagnose PAF, or to say definitely that it isn't.

So best of luck and don't give up!

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Kardia for home use when you feel something is invaluable IMO.

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For me it captured PAF, SVT and 2nd degree heart block so two fingers up to the Cardio’s who continually had said I was imagining my symptoms 😆 I’ve now got a pacemaker!

The one I had was very small with only one sticky electrode, I could take it off to shower and move the sticky bit to a different position if it got a bit itchy (I’m allergic to all things sticky ) bit it was ok and I forgot I was even wearing it.

Hope it shows the problem for you, good luck.

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Did you have an echo, too? If so, did that find anything? They didn’t see much with the echo I had, but I’ve had the monitor on for 5 days now, and have had multiple arrhythmias. I’m so confused with this, because I know this isn’t anxiety or caffeine. My regurgitation doesn’t seem to be a problem for them, idk. I’m just tired of these weird heart beats.

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I’ve had numerous echos, ecg, stress tests, angiogram, monitors, 3 different cardiologists and 6 years of them saying nothing much found “go away”. The AF and other things were officially diagnosed after the last monitor I had hooray !

I think it was more to do with that cardiologist accepting the results and being willing to treat me whereas the others just weren’t interested, to them I was just an anxious neurotic women, which the attitude of so many Drs 🤬

The regurgitation is something most people have and if it’s mild the Drs aren’t worried, I have it but it’s not ever mentioned.

I’m afraid that even with treatments you are likely to still feel the arrhythmias to some degree, we just have to learn to live with them !

Thanks. It’s discouraging that a lot of drs are quit to dismiss it as just anxiety. Not very encouraging, huh. These dumb arrhythmias can stop you right in your tracks. Well, I hope it’s found with this monitor.

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