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To vaccinate or not?

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I am so confused as to what to do.

I have this heart arrhythmia, I take metroporal for it. and I have mitral valve prolapse.

I have friends that got the vaccine and had terrible reactions some in the hospital some died.

Due to a heart reaction to the vaccine.

I also know a lot of people have died from covid.

I have read on here lots of people have had A-fib and reactions after the vaccine. It's to me like playing Russian roulette.

I am beginning to get seriously depressed.

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Assuming that you decide to treat having the covid vaccination like playing Russian roulette Autumn822, should you not also apply that to the idea of having covid too? I think that's the riskier game for most people. For me it's no contest. I'm not suggesting running off and taking the vaccine without properly consulting a health professional first. After all, you do have conditions which might make you more at risk of a reaction, serious or otherwise.You don't specifically mention how many people whom you know, and who were in the same position as yourself, have died or had really serious side effects, but I'd suspect not many, given how few people die overall as a result of any of the vaccines, worldwide. In the last 7 days nearly 1000 people have died in UK again from covid19 and numbers are rising. (government statistics). The statistics are showing that these are younger, unvaccinated people. I can't remember the last time I heard of anyone definitely dying of having had the vaccine.

It's not for me to say whether you should or shouldn't be vaccinated but I think you can trust a medical professional to tell you what your risk might be of serious complications from vaccination. I can say that with paroxysmal Afib, I had two Astra-Zeneca injections with no side effects at all, and am going to take the 3rd booster shot of whatever vaccine is decided on my behalf, without hesitation as soon as it's offered.

Thank you for your reply.Indeed I feel as if it is Russian Roulette regarding the vaccine and regarding covid that's why I'm depressed. It's the horrible choice that we all have to make that is depressing.

The whole thing is hugely depressing isn’t it Autumn822 and we’re having to make choices we never envisioned having to make just a couple of years ago. I do think though that once the decision’s taken you feel better for having made it!

You honestly do what’s right for you, it’s your body! You’re damned if you do and damned if you don’t!

Both my children were vaccine injured and have quite a few health issues, I never vaccinated my son and he is super healthy!

I’m not against those that do, but I am going with my gut and I’m going to sit this one out.

FYI to those that say vaccinations don’t kill many people these days, they’re clearly naive, the CDC website even give you figures and VAERS (Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System).

Regardless I’m not just concerned of the immediate side effects but the long term effects as well.

There are many well known Dr’s, Scientists, Medical Reporters etc whom have spoken up since Covid began including Brandy Vaughan an ex Merck employee whom started the anti-vaccine group “learn the risk” whom died conveniently after she spoke out, there is a video on YouTube called the Overt and Covert intimidation of Brandy Vaughan where she stated in a fb status that she is not suicidal and lives for her son, so if I die y’all know why, that was December 1st 2020, she was found dead on 17 December 2020!

My mother has Afib as a side effect of having wow treated in her 30s. She also has many other issues. She had 2 Pfizer with absolutely no side effects at all. I have high BP and ectopics. I had 2 AZ inside effects of the heart. My husband has no medical issues and had 2 Moderna. With the 2nd shot he suffered with palpitations for around 4 hours. Overall I am glad we all had the vaccination. I am more scared of covid than a few hours of palps

Autumn, I have af. On my 3rd pacemaker now. Had my astra zeneca vacs. Felt a bit under the weather with first. Nothing after 2nd. You are far more likely to die if you get covid than from the vaccines. People who have side effects from vaccine would probably suffer more if they'd caught covid. So praise the wonderful scientists for finding this vaccine which is getting us back to normal life. Too many have died from not taking this wonderful life saving gift.

Some of your friends died as a result of the vaccine? I'm very sorry to hear this, but how certain of this are you? I'm the most paranoid person in the world when it comes to avoiding possibly pro-arrhythmia ingredients. I have cut out ALL sources of caffeine, including tea, coffee, chocolate; I check for MSG in savoury products and crisps/snacks and have stopped all alcohol and cigarettes. So I was afraid of the vaccine too, but like all my friends, both jabs only gave me a headache the next day. Then back to normal. MUCH more preferable to covid-which has taken a few relatives and, some of my friends in their twenties are still not OK now, they felt the worst they have ever been.

Have the vax :-)

I know just how you are feeling Autumn82 and can identify with your Russian roulette feeling. Myself and an AF friend were tortured with the thoughts shall we or shan't we have the covid jab. We eventually did, both having the AZ jab and then going into AF and feeling like we had flu for a few days. I'd never suffered from headaches before, but had a minor constant one almost straight away, which still shows up some days now.

People who had the Pfizer one appeared to have less side effects and I believe that is the more superior one. If I had to choose which one, I'd go for that, but the decision must be totally yours.

Let us know what you decide please - that's if you do decide what's best!


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Sorry to hear you are feeling depressed, please visit our website for helpful advice about the vaccine and arrhythmias.

It is perfectly natural to be anxious, but be reassured in that the vaccines have been passed by all the regulatory bodies before they can be administered, it is not uncommon that some may experience minor side effects, but these are generally short lived.

You may also benefit from watching our video 'Arrhythmias & the Covid-19 Vaccines - answering patient questions'

We also are providing the most recent information at our HRC2021 Patients Day on Sunday 3 October - please follow the link to view the agenda and for details on how to register

It’s so disheartening to see all this misinformation and crazy theories about vaccines, even on this site.

I read a debate on a forum where a member "personally knew of people who had died from the vaccine".

A link was posted to a credible website where it stated that of the 4 billion people vaccinated only 7 had died from it. Of the 7, 4 probably would have died from embolism anyway.

You should take down your post! No politics, much less demeaning statements! Think about what you post!

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Thanks for removing your post. All is well.

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I didnt remove anything??

I have Arrhythmia and have had both vaccines. I intend to have the booster too.

I suffer from SVT and on ditizam I couldn’t wait to get the Astra Zeneca jab I’m 62 had no symptoms with it at all had both shots my sister had covid in Uk and she said it’s literally trying to kill you If you get covid you’ll be worse than not taking a vaccine just go for it

Why wouldn’t you it could save your life

Look up Dr Jack Wolfson. He is a cardiologist (MD) who is concerned with overall wellness and not just the heart as a separate organ. He has great advice for natural remedies for arrhythmias. Also look up Dr Peter McCullough on (Then follow link to The McCullough Report). He is a very respected cardiologist who is one of the most published researchers on covid and I believe was the first to publish prevention and treatment protocols that include nutraceuticals you can start taking now and have in hand just in case you get covid. Early treatment is key and you won’t get that info at most doctor offices, unfortunately. You have to do your own research and weigh your individual risks/benefits for the vaccine (ie your age, comorbidities). Dr McCullough gives great insight based on all his research for making that determination.

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Once again, Admin has received many reports regarding the discussion around politics and the topic of "anti-vaxers" may we politely remind everyone, that this is against the Forum rules and will result in posts\comments deleted. Many thanks for your co-operation.

I have to say you’ve been really unlucky if you had “some of your friends” die. The stats show the numbers are very very low.. it’s really sad but the numbers who have died from Covid and the rising infection rates in some areas would certainly encourage me to have the vaccine if I hadn’t already had it.

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