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Long pause in heartbeat


Long pauses in heartbeat. I have been experiencing pauses of about 4 seconds in my heartbeat which result in a feeling I am going to pass out, this is a recent problem. I have ectopics, Svt and a leaking mitral valve,am 71 years old and have had ectopics for 43 years and svt for 12. My question is whether anyone else experiences this and has it continued?

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I may not have the answer u r searching 4.. Since you have ectopic for 42 years I would like to know.. Is that everyday u r having ectopic? I just have this problem

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As I,ve got older the ectopics are all day every day, I haven,t been tested for a fib. I saw the electrophysiologist 3 weeks ago, I was not sure I wanted the ablation at my age but my quality of life is not good now after being very active so I,m considering going for it. I read too many posts where it is unsuccessful so made me indecisive, this long pause has made me think I should go for it.

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I have long QT which I only found out about when I had heart attack and had stent put in. I am now being investigated as to why lo g QT.

As a teenager I used to faint a lot for no explainable reason but the last episode was some 40 years ago u til 2016 when I HD my h/a.

I am now 70 I have a reveal device fitted which h when I have " turn" I should use, I do go off for second/minutes and am supposed GO use the reveal when I come out of "a turn" but I don't always know that I have had one. The reveal has a three year life so I am being monitored annually unless I need to go back earlier. All ECG`s come back abnormal so not sure what is going on. Maybe you will be offered the reveal!

If there is anyone else on here with a reveal device I would like to know how they get on with it.

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I did think I may need a pacemaker because I live alone, if I passed out it would be a problem.

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My pauses were only 3.5 seconds and I was told that I needed a pacemaker.


Thanks for all your replies. I live outside London, our health service is failing badly, I worked all my life and paid in to this, our general practitioner does not like referring you , I went to see him Wednesday and came away feeling despondent so I thought maybe I should go for ablation.

First of all I don't think the Health Service is failing badly. You need to be more positive with your GP and insist he refers you to cardiology. Once you are there they will carry out many tests and suggest the best way forward.

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