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2nd degree heart block

I was diagnosed quite a few years back with second degree heart block mobitiz type 2 and nothing was ever done, my heart used to flutter but not all the time, it was random but the symptoms started to go away sort of but i still got chest pains, pins and needles, shortness of breath, dizzeeness etc don't not if they was linked but it wasn't nice.

Now I'm starting to get the heart rhythm problem again I've been getting it investigated once again numerous times been to a & e had hospital and doctor appointment and because it doesn't happen all the time it never got caught.

The cardiologist who suggest nothing is wrong said I could have a meditronic heart implant monitor fitted under the skin the watch my heart beat. I've had the fitted fir a while now and they reckon my heart beat is normal when I can clearly feel the sensations that are worrying, I don't feel like there monitoring this properly as I once had these episodes quite bad and went to a&e because it was scary and the doctor on shift was very good, he didn't really want to say what he could see as further investigation was needed but he said it looks like heart block but because I was seeing a cardiologist doctor he told be to go back to them and he will write a letter to my doctor.

The findings what the doctor at the a&e found said it looks like 1st degree heart block on the ecg and as I said he told me to see my consultant, but what I don't understand is why do the cardiologist team seem to reckon my heart is beat all very normal with a good sinus rhythm but the doc at hospital found it straight away as my symptoms was present.

When my symptoms are present at home I press a remote put it on my chest it records heart beat and sends it to them.

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I had a reveal implant too and pressed the remote every time it raced or felt irregular and couldn't understand when they said nothing showed apart from ectopic beats !! I am glad the a & E Dr found something and hopefully your cardiologist will take you seriously!! You end up feeling like a hypochondriac don't you!


Hopefully, Yes that's exactly what I feel like


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