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My ablation experience


Hi :) I'm relatively new here. I wanted to make a post letting everyone know my experience with the catheter ablation for my SVT.

First of all it was successful which is great news! Going into this procedure we did not have as much documented info as most patients have as it was very hard for them to catch it on an ekg so I was told there was a good possibility they would not find the short circuit. The whole procedure itself took 1.5 hours and I got to go home the evening which was nice. Two nurses were unable to get an IV into my arm so I went in with nothing. I had the big general anesthesia needle put into my groin fully aware of what was going on. It was painful but not unbearable. The feeling of it going numb was more uncomfortable for me. Then they began putting the 4 catheters in. And then finally I was able to get some sedatives to calm me down. The started pumping all sorts of stuff into me and saying "I'm going to tickle your heart. It's going to feel like you're climbing a mountain" and it definitely did. It was scary. After many attempts to trigger the SVT my doctor came over to me and said he couldn't find it, but if I wanted it was safe for him to apply treatment to this one spot where the short circuit generally is. I said go for it. As soon as he did my heart rate when through the roof. I started saying "that's my heart! That's my episode you're not doing that one" the doctor smiled at me and said yes. We found it. So he began to call out numbers and then words and then I felt severe burning in my chest. I asked if it was supposed to feel this way he said yes and that I needed to keep quiet now. This went on for what seemed like forever. It's was very very uncomfortable for me. And then I felt another dose of sedatives hit me. Even with that I was extremely uncomfortable I was imagining the burning of my heart tissue. Gross. Sooner than expected it was all done. He wasn't able to trigger it again. And he told me 95% that I will never experience an episode again. I was so happy. Over the moon.

They took me back to my recovery room where I couldn't move my right leg or life my head for 4 hours. After the 4 hours the nurse took me for a walk. Then checked the puncture in my groin for bleeding which I luckily had none. My leg was very sore and I had this terrible indigestion feeling. They gave me Tylenol and it helped a bit. I was discharged 2 hours later. One wonderful thing is immediately after the procedure, for the first time in longer than I can remember I'm not aware of my heart beating. I always thought it was normal to feel your heart beat all the time. Apparently it's not.

The day after the procedure my leg was extremely store. And I still had indigestion. I also felt the feeling of my heart trying to race but it wasn't able to? It lasted about 3 hours and then I was fine.

Now I'm day 3 post surgery and I feel great. My leg is tender still but I can move around fine. I'm drinking lots of ginger ale because I believe the aspirin is giving me the indigestion. So far, I am extremely pleased with this whole situation. And I hope my experience will help ease the nerves of anyone going to have this done. It is 100% worth the little discomfort at the time. A little pain is worth getting your quality of life back!

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Wow, what a story!! thank you for sharing. I am so surprised that you were awake for the whole thing - incredible - Best wishes for your recovery

Thank you so much


That sounds great and hope you are now svt free !

Unfortunately that was not my sons experience. He had the procedure and again was told they had captured the correct area and treated and it was successful

We were also told 95% successful

He was two blissful months after procedure free from svt and was carrying on being the sporty social boy he is.

Now 6 months on he has had about 10 further episodes some he describes as painful and lasting longer than before

Of course we are so disappointed for our boy and not too confident to go again for a 2nd ablation as whats changed and what will they do differently?. The doctor said he was unlucky..... so we feel we are between a rock and a hard place

Hope you continue with your recovery and great to hear a success story.

I am so sorry to hear that about your son. I know my doctor said if it comes back he was able to do it up to three times to try to correct it. I saw theblook of heart break on my mums face. I hope they can figure this out for him!

I had an ablation two weeks ago and I shocked that they let you go home that quickly. Do you mind if I ask where you had your procedure? We live in the US and I had mine done at the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania. The whole procedure lasted 3 hours or so and I was able to go home the next day. Thankfully, the procedure was successful and the dr said there is an 85% chance my SVT will never return. Wishing you a happy, healthy heart!

Hey! I live in Ontario Canada and had mine done at the Toronto general hospital.

I wish you all the best with your heart :) I hope for both of us we love SVT free

Well done! All the best for the future.

This is great! Unfortunately, it does not happen know that for everyone. I ended up having to have another one and although it is less frequent, I have episodes at least 5 times a month. Unfortunately, there is nothing that can be done except naturally wait it out, due to my age, and other health concerns. I take Labetalol to help and Xrelto as a blood thinner, as I have protein C deficiency which is a whole different ballgame. Anyway, mostly under control, just can't run or walk, or exert a lot, but am alive very thankful!

Sounds terrifying!!

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