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Should I have an ablation?

I am 60 and have been aware of my SVT for more than two years although I was only diagnosed last summer. The 'fluttering' in my chest would come and go quickly and never really bothered me. For a long time I thought it was related to indigestion. After a slightly longer episode accompanied with dizzyness and a mild panic attack I saw my GP and was eventually diagnosed. The doctor and I agreed no treatment was necessary at the time. In January I had a prolonged episode and ended up in A&E when after 3 hours they brought my heart rate down from 220 to normal. since then I have been on a low dose of 1.25MG of Bisoprolol and saw a ElectroPhysiologist and agreed to be scheduled in for an ablation. I have had frequent 'fluttering' lasting seconds, almost daily, but no episodes, until four weeks ago, when they stopped. This coincided with me resigning from my job, which was largely in Denmark and required a lot of frequent travel from the UK. I am still on the beta-blockers and taking roughly the same exercise (daily cycling, walking, gardening), but no flutters! I've been given a date for the ablation but am now wondering if the stress of full time working and lots of train and plane travel have contributed to the SVT. I am reasonably fit and am unsure of the effect of the ablation on the quality of my life, mainly due to some of the posts I have read here. Should I have an ablation, or just stay on the low dose of beta blocker and don't look for another job?

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That's the $64,000 question!!!! A lot of that is personal choice / decisions and also discussion with EP.

I know much less about SVTs since one of my main problems is persistent AF.

I am guessing that the most likely contributors are stress and adrenaline but also do things things like food (processed), alcohol, etc, contribute?

My thoughts are once you have had SVTs they will come back in time, but I may be wrong.

Where abouts were you working in Denmark?


I was working for DONG Energy in Copenhagen (Gentofte). Great place to work but the travel was exhausting.


Duncan, I go along with what Peter has just said . It's a personal decision after discussion with your EP.

Myself, I wouldn't choose ablation if, after the changes to your lifestyle which you hsve made have improved your condition and are continuing to do so.You can always put the date back and see how you get on.



Hi Duncan..... at 60 I had all the symptoms of afib after a very stressful period at work. Had 24 hour monitor bur doc. said results were 'benign flutter' Two months later the fluttering etc stopped. Then 5 years later it all came back with a vengeance. It took almost a year of suffering until paroxysmal afib was diagnosed. (This time, after a 7 day monitor) I recently had an ablation which has, so far, seems to have worked pretty well although it is early days,

I never want to go through a year like 2015 again..... the afib escalated to such a degree that I became virtually housebound. (and I was retired by then!)

Don't want to scare you, but frankly, if I had known what was coming, I would have pushed a bit harder for treatment in 2010!

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Did you try the manouvres to kick your heartbeat back into sync. It works for me and I managed to stay off beta blockers.


Hi Duncan! I would just have it because it is SO NOT NORMAL to EVER have fluttering and 220 bpm. They really don't do ablations in the UK for no reason, and if, in the EP lap, they cannot find anything, you will not have an ablation. If they find something, then the EP was correct that you needed it. Sometimes you have to listen to your doctor. Yes your job is stressful but yes your 220 bpm and maybe who knows what else is causing feelings of what you think is panic. It's not in your head, do what the doc says. He will give you your medical diagnosis and then you can report back to us. I have had all this happen to me, all this. And now I have a CRT-D implant and no I didn't want it either, but I had to listen. Pls just go. Good luck to you my friend!


Stay on the tablets! 👍


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