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SVT, ablation coming up

Hi! I have a catheter ablation surgery coming up in 13 days. I met with my cardiologist who showed strong concern over the risk of blood clots after the surgery. I'm 24 years old, I take birth control and I smoke. I know it's silly of me but I haven't been able to quit. When I met with the surgeon and we discussed my options he didn't show nearly as much concern and is aware that I smoke and take birth control. This has added to my worries and I was already becoming very nervous of having the procedure done. Has anyone been in this situation? I need reassurance or advice. And yes I know, try to quit smoking.

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I have had 3 ablations and you are always put on a blood thiners after these procedures, typically asprin I think. The sergeon will defiantly be very familiar with this procedure and I am sure that any extra risk will be taken into consideration. Possibly you with take book thiners for longer or somthing? I would just try not to worry as the procedure if common and very rarely has any issues! Good luck 😊


Thank you so much for the reassurance. Yes they have told me to start taking the asprin 3 days prior and that I will need to take it for up to 6 weeks after. Again, thank you.


Hi, I have had 2 ablation procedures and have never had to take aspirin, in fact, the first time I had to stop taking warfarin prior to the procedure. I have not had any issues and never went back on warfarin. I too smoke and my EP who did the procedure at LGI was great. I have so far not had any more episodes. You will be fine, just try and relax, I was offered drugs, but I didn't have them as I have a high pain threshold, the only thing that I had was the area where the wires went in, in my groin numbed. Good luck.



Thank you so much! I have decided with my family doctor to take a break from birth control to lower the risk of clotting in my leg since quitting smoking in 10 days isn't really a possibility for me right now. My worries are a little eased thanks to you guys here. Thanks again


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