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Day after Ablation!!

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To those anxious about ablation (was me by the way!) this forum has been a godsend that I wanted to give back. 24 hrs from going in yes bit sore in groin but expected & will ease. Ectopic beats yes expected - can take up 3 mths to settle. Mind set - positive happy peaceful & aware REST is key (loved someone’s advise to rest, rest and oh yeah rest!). I’ve got lawn mowers on standby & am looking at 3 mths of being sensible. I want to grab this opportunity with both hands & reclaim my QOL. Im 53 but felt 20 years older 😞. Someone said “you’ll know when you’re ready” so true, had two cancellations due to high BMI then cancelled a 3rd myself in March as too scared. Got my head sorted first then my body.

AF been around for years & manageable then 2 years ago passed out, 5 mths off work med changes appointments depression, anxiety, obsession with each episode & my lifestyle questioned every day. I went from fit & 4 stone lighter to a very unhappy place BUT I kept going (just!) changing, evolving where I could every day was a struggle just wanted to curl up in a ball. I couldn’t walk for more than 10 minutes on the flat, stairs were exhausting, swimming impossible, bending over, no more hill walking, stopped going out … in Jan started new job took leaf of faith stepped out comfort zone - covid was godsend to be able work from home as AF went from 5 episodes a week to 3-4 a day. I accepted it instead of getting angry or scared - big turning point!

Thank you all, I will continue to read your wonderful, helpful & experienced msgs. We are ALL individuals with our own AF journey we all heal different mentally & physically.

Am I glad yesterday happened? You bet your life I am! Do I know the outcome? Surgeon said successful & text book & I know I can control my lifestyle & mind. I’ll not concern myself with my future AF journey but put all my effort in each & every day doing the best I can to give myself every opportunity.

Advise - ask so many questions the surgeons love it! Do as many trials as you can - they are throwing good money at AF now & you’ll help so many others, believe in you, trust you, be kind to you, control that over thinking mind & know being vulnerable is courage & most, if not all change is for the better (some changes take longer than others so be patient).

I wish each & everyone of you the very warmest of luck living with your AF & QOL 🥰

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Thanks for that informative post 12Potter. I'm nowhere near needing ablation and hope I'll never need it, but your account is very reassuring!

Glad it was, thank you. Pleased you are where you are - long may it continue for you 😀

Congrats!! You overcame your fear and look at you!!! Wishing you continued good health and positive outcomes!! Keep us updated!!! ♥️👍🏻👍🏻

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Thank you 😊 that’s so kind. I certainly will do - dip yesterday but today is a new day 🙃 x

Beautiful. Drafting on your witness. Transfers into other areas of life. Shout-out to your intangible stamina and courage. Good stuff. Telling our stories. Thank you. Well done.

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12Potter in reply to MoundMan

Bless you …. That mind sure is a pesky one! I love reading the real human stories on here - helped me so much 😁

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MoundMan in reply to 12Potter

A favorite quote these days comes from Mark Twain: " A lot of terrible things have come into my life and some of them actually happened."

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