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Ectopic beats, pvcs

Hi everyone, i was recently diagnosed with ectopic heartbeats, pvcs. This scares me to death and i have extreme anxiety and depression from this. Had ekg, echo, 2 day holter monitor, and king of hearts monitor for 30 days, also electrolytes were checked. Everything normal except cardiologist finding these pvcs. He said they are benign and you wont die from them. I am constantly worrying when the next pvc will come because it scares me. I am a 50 yeat old female in good health otherwise. Doc gave me metoprolol tartrate 25 mg once a day to take to stop them. I have to admit that it does work, but in my mind in still paranoid they are going to start again. I also take magnesium supplement that has citrate, potassium, taurine, and coq10. I also take viibryd for depression, clonazepam for anxiety, and losarten 25mg for high blood pressure. My question is for those of you who have this do you have any suggestions how to stop them, what works best for you or any natural supplements or techniques?? Any advise would be very much appreciated!!! Thank you in advance

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Dear hedie6693

Good time however my english is not pretty good but contact my email and read my comment in this page i will give you some dvice may be helpful i hope

My email

But till that time look

Ectopic beat is quite common and not life threatning condition however it is boring but you should know that most people have ectopic beat but they dont know what is it .

Then do far your cardiologist snd EP study shows benign it mean no meed to worry

Because there is a big relation ship between these beats and mind !!!!

I suffered from what you live now may be iam younger than you but i really understand ypur feeling but believe me it is ok .



Hi hazhar, i recently emailed you my results from my doctor and wanted to know if you received them?


No i did not


Hi hazhar, i just emailed you my results again, hopefully you got them this time



Please send it to my email

Which you first sent mail


I understand your anxiety, and don't wish to downplay that nor your condition; but to be frank, most if us on this forum would be thrilled to have only the occasional ectopics or PVC to deal with. In fact, I had them (and still do) for most of my life and just thought everybody did...until they eventually became full-time atrial fibrillation and required an ablation. Now, since the second ablation, I feel as tho I've dialed back the years by twenty, back to the occasional ectopics (and anybody's guess what else). As long as they are under control and not increasing, try to forget your heart activity and do your best to concentrate on the things you enjoy and CAN control. And trust that there is nothing about those occasional odd beats that is life threatening...because it's true, and because worry (and maybe greasy hot dogs) is the heart's worst enemy.


Thank you for responding to my comments. In 1993 I had a ablation for super ventricular tachycardia and was cured. Now all these years later i get these pvcs. Its crazy to me and i wish therewas a cure for these. My question for you is do you take any medication or supplements that help your pvcs?? Am I understanding you that your pvc are not as frequent as they used to be, and how many years have you had them??


Since my ablation, after three months post procedure, I am on no rhythm meds, only blood pressure and anticoagulant. I'm not even sure what a PVC is, in relation to what my heart does, but I only know that for most of my adult life I experienced ectopics "trills" and thumps, and even after ablation experience them on occasion, especially as I begin exercising (but they go away as I continue mild exertion) or when under emotional distress... the latter can be counted on! I hope you find some peace and comfort knowing yours is a fairly common experience that seems to be quite benign, even over long periods of time.

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