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PVCs flutters daily

I've suffered from heart flutters since my mid 20s now I'm in my late 30s. I've had multiple cardiology visits, ekgs, heart scans, and they've only found mild regurgitation of my valves. Have never taken any medication for the issue because before, they would come and go. However, this year since about April I've had them everyday. I saw the cardiologist in May and he said they were harmless, seeing that I have had PVCs. I moved overseas this year and had a lot of stressors this year. But I feel like my stress level is normal now, but im having these hiccups with my heart EVERYDAY. I get about 20-30 oer day. I know the doc said they dont do anything until they become over 20000 pvcs per day. That's outrageous to me. Has anyone else experienced and or lived with daily PVCs. If you have how do you manage the feeling of feeling like you're not going to live for very long.

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Try zero alcohol and caffeine. Both are known as possible causes of your problem


Hi. I get them daily. Recently wore a Holter monitor for a week and was told there were no significant findings. I’m reading from people on here that this is very common. I have anxiety but get them when I’m just resting and don’t feel anxious at all but as I have read, you can still have that subconscious anxiety going on inside your head whether you feel it or not. I think some people are just more intuned to their palps than others. It is extremely frustrating and yes, it is hard to wrap your brain around the fact that there is nothing serious going on when the main battery in your body hiccups, flips, flutters, thuds, and skips. I guess the key is to just keep telling yourself it is normal and everyone gets them even if they do not notice them. My cardiologist said to take magnesium and I’ve heard many others say this as well. Doesn’t hurt to try. Sometimes when I get them I tell myself that I’m going to just go run like crazy and see what happens and if I’m still good then I can convince myself nothing is wrong. Lol. However, I would probably still freak out the next time I had one because how could you not? Hope this helps somewhat hearing that you are definitely not the only one. Tons of people on here who get them and feel the same way about them.


Mind over matter. Not to diminish your concern but 20-30 a day without accompanying side effects is nothing to worry about. So sit back and relax. Go and live life without caffeine.


I have had them since I was 20. I’m now 42. Normally, I could have 8-9 one day, none for 3-4 days, then 2 one day, etc. However, for the last three weeks I’ve been having 30-80/day and it is causing me significant anxiety as well. I’ve even had them several times while exercising which has never happened before.


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