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Recovery from ablation for SVT

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Hi. Having had episodes of SVT for 16 years finally decided to have ablation which was 94 percent successful . So very happy with that. Felt great yesterday 4 th day. However today feeling very tired with pain in my chest as if it is being pressed by a thumb. Is this normal

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Hi lee005,

I felt just the same as you after I had mine but then nearly a week later I had a really dull ache in my chest so better to be safe then sorry got it checked out by doctor, everything was fine and was told sometimes this does happen after surgery.

If you are worried get it checked out better to be safe, hope your feeling better soon make sure you get lots of rest

Take care...

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Lee005 in reply to louise-b

Thanks for that. I think I needed a bit of reassurance that everything is as it should be I will get it checked out

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louise-b in reply to Lee005

You are doing the right thing no harm just getting it checked. Here if you need anymore help take care

Hi Lee, How are you recovering from the ablation?

Hi Lee

I had an ablation for AVNRT in April 2016 after having issues since I was 23, 49 now. My post surgery recovery was terrible, I had a reaction to the anaesthetic apparently. It three weeks to get back to work and I was exhausted.

Sure you will be fine a dull ache is normal after an ablation.



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