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Heart Ablation to treat SVT, sedated or GA?


Hi, I’ve asked before, but stressing about it. I just had a second consult with another EP, both want me to do the Ablation under sedation, and not under general anesthesia. They say it’s more probable to get my heart in SVT under sedation rather than GA. But I’m so scared to be awake. Not only have I read bad experiences of sedation, but the thought of being awake & feeling & seeing things terrifies me. I want to be knocked the heck out. I don’t trust Kaiser, I feel they always choose the easier route.

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Look from what you have written you have asked before and seen two different Dr's. It makes sense what you have written why they want to do it like that. I read this very much that you are seeking the opinion to side with you. Did you talk through why you were terrified to have it with these Dr's? I mean ee could all say, your body do what you want. But then the skilled professional want to do what they think is clinically appropriate. Having counseling can really help in this type of situation to talk through concerns and work on strategies as you have indicated you are traumatised from a past experience. Is that something you might consider, maybe? Not sure if anyone suggested it? That is just how I interpreted what you wrote, it is understandable too be scared, not had one myself. Maybe someone here might share their experience with you. But do keep seeking Dr's advice until you are satisfied.

AmbieBambie in reply to Longqt

I guess I’m looking for someone to respond that had a positive experience with being just sedated. I have yet to find one. With lack of that, and yes I think I’m stressing from prior traumatic experience. I actually have been looking into joining a PTS group, because I’m having a hard time with flashbacks of watching my mom pass away a couple months ago. And I agree, I believe I’m stressed so much from the allergic reaction as well, so maybe the group would help with that as well. Do you mean like that type of counseling? Or is there hospital based counseling options for making medical decisions?

Longqt in reply to AmbieBambie

I meant the first type of counseling. It sounds so hard what you have been through. I recognise what you are saying about positive experience with sedation. I had a surgery, not heart, nearly two years ago and had a reaction to the general anesthesia which meant I woke up in ICU, I have had a couple of sedation procedures since, again not heart ones, and it has been no issue at all. I, myself, would be more nervous with a GA in the future. But, for me, I struggle giving someone else control of my body and had to go through more procedures to help with that....But that was just me and I don't have PTSD and it was never heart ops. I distant family member had an ablation last year, and was quite emotional afterwards, but my mum said that is a normal reaction.....all non professional opinions here I am stating. I do have SVT and sometimes in my sleep and I wake up and cry, but I find it is very hormonal for me. I haven't had an episode for ages, but I get "sensitive" around my period and also have IST. My EP reckons there is some relation to it. But emotionally I am a wreck when it happens, so maybe that is something others feel too. Sorry for my waffle, hope that makes some sense or help for you.

Longqt in reply to Longqt

That was a long distant relative, not I. Wishing you all the best.

All I know is that you need to get it done. I got mine done 2 1/2 months ago and I am the happiest dude on the planet. It was a simple procedure that goes by in a snap. You will look back months after and say, “wow I can’t believe I even worried”

AmbieBambie in reply to BRHow

Awe that makes me happy! :) Did you do it under twilight sedation or GA?

BRHow in reply to AmbieBambie

I was like you, nervous etc. I signed up for this website to read. At the end of the day I laugh about it now because it really is not that big of a deal. I was sedation. I felt it a couple times during but they know if you notice and they put you back to sleep.

My advice is enjoy the drugs and enjoy the ride Just know you’re going to feel great after

AmbieBambie in reply to BRHow

Haha I love it. Thank you I appreciate your response 😊

Try looking at the Atrial Fibrillation forum of HealthUnlocked. Some people there have had ablations under sedation, and were very happy with it, though some prefer the GA approach, for much the same reasons as you appear to.

AmbieBambie in reply to Polski

Ok will do thank you!

Had mine under sedation it was fascinating I’ve had much worse visits to the dentist!

I watched it all on the screen and felt very little discomfort but nothing you could call pain! I flinched once and they gave me more sedative and I actually fell asleep as soon as they had finished. That was 5 years ago I’m sure they have moved on since then too.

Oh and yes it worked, yes I’m still free from AF & SVT and I’m on no meds whatsoever

Good luck with whatever you decide but I chose to believe the experts I was absolutely terrified on the day but who wouldn’t be. But haven’t looked back since and it’s been very positive for me.

Hope this helps

AmbieBambie in reply to Swamps

Thank you it does help give my mind ease! :) I’m glad you are AF & SVT free!!

I'm certain they will give you something to relax you. They're not gonna just pop you on the table and go to it. My ex-husband had an ablation a few years ago for AFib. They burned over 800 spots in his heart and it took over 5 hours. He had a kind of twilight sleep sedation. His only complaint was that his back hurt from laying on the table so long. No trouble with AFib since then.

You may be "awake", but you won't be anxious and you won't remember much, if anything of the procedure.

I totally understand! I'm not one to be awake during a surgery. And Kaiser, feel you on that too! My mother has Kaiser and I don't agree with there ways! Which ever you decide to do my prayers are with you🙏

AmbieBambie in reply to Spanaway

Thank you! ♥️🙏🏼 I would like to change from kaiser, but not sure anyone will accept me now with this heart issue.

One of the doctors said he likes to talk a lot during the procedure ( I don’t want to talk, I want to lay there in La la land haha), which concerns me if they won’t give me enough medication so I can talk to him. My cousin had stents put in awake & felt everything & felt tinging. I wish I had a strong relationship with the doctor to trust that he will give me more like the doc that did my endoscopy, but I guess I just have to have faith at this point if I choose sedation.

I had an ablation under sedation in December 2017 at the age of 70. I slept through it with a little bit of pain when they ablated but nothing serious just a little uncomfortable for a few seconds. Felt fine afterwards and could have gone home immediately but they keep you there for a few hours(6 in my case) to make sure the incision in the groin is not bleeding.

Try not to worry, I had sedation for my AVNRT ablation two years ago. It was fine

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