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ablation and recovery

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i tried doing harder physical activity today and ended up having palpitations and some pain in my chest and burning. also, i’ve been dealing with depression and anxiety still where i sometimes feel like i’m going to go crazy. is this normal? its been a little over 5 months since my ablation. i’d really appreciate any advice or recovery stories. thank you all. ❤️

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Have you been back to your doctor? How many palpitations are you getting? Have you worn a monitor again?

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jubemmeva in reply to Kam73

i have not, but i’m planning to go back. the palpitations happen when i exert myself harder than usual. otherwise i do not get them.

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I am sorry to read your message, it is not unknown that recovery can take many months following an ablation, however if you have recently started experiencing pain and palpations, it is worth contacting your doctor immediately for medical advice. Good luck

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jubemmeva in reply to TracyAdmin

they only happen if i force myself to lift heavy things or do harder movements than normal. otherwise i don’t get them. my doctor said the ablation was successful. so i’m not sure if i’m still recovering.

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TracyAdminAdministrator in reply to jubemmeva

It certainly does sound as though your body is telling you to take it easy, try to avoid pushing yourself too much for now and introduce lifting heavy items gradually.

Concur with the pacing recommendation above. Rule of thumb given by physician friend is for every month your regular physical exertion has been reduced/limited due to injury/illness, after corrective surgery multiply that number by 2. That will be the months required to return to same level of exertion and stamina. After a couple heart ablations & prostate removal, that formula has been on target. The afib I have had ( since childhood I recently determined ) is the slow version. So over lifetime ( am 72 ) not as easy to detect.

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