Failed to induce svt for ablation

I have suffered from svt since a kid, now 50+. Half a year ago the ambulance recorded the svt for the first time in my life. Yesterday I thought they could induce the svt and ablate but they could not trigger it. Now I am totally depressed and on medication again. There is so little information about not being able to trigger the svt. Anyone else had the same, and what happened then?

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  • I had an ablation for AF a few years back but they had to abort because they couldn't trigger it. EP told me they tried everything and more, but to no effect. I'm just back on drugs now which are working well so alls well with me. Not sure when if I'll be offered another ablation. I'll have to wait till the drugs stop working, if they do, I guess.


  • Thanks. Good to hear you are doing fine on meds!

  • I too felt really depressed after the failed ablation. I was recovering but then had quite a bad episode so have started taking 2.5mg of Bisoprolol daily which is what I was on before the ablation- I feel much better now as my heart was fluttering all over the place before. I have to see an arrhythmia nurse in a few weeks so will see what s/he says!

  • I am sorry for that. Seems it does happen a lot. Problem was I did not think this would be the outcome. Hope there still is something to do!

  • Same, I pinned all my hopes on being cured & to end up still taking the tablets is incredibly frustrating but I am just now coming to terms with it.

    The downside is being tired, lack of sleep & can't seem to lose weight which I have put on since taking the tablets!

  • I had the same experience as you. Very disappointing. Two and a half years on I am on same meds and managing.

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