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Svt and ablation


I'm 23 years old and have been diagnosed with svt about 3 months ago. I have had quite a few episodes before it was caught on a 14day event monitor. Most of the time I get an odd feeling and know when my svt is about to start. My cardiologist prescribed me metoprolol but I already have a low resting pulse and average blood pressure so the beta blocker makes me feel horrible so I have halved the dose that my cardiologist recommended and it seems to work better for me. I was referred to an EP and he prescribed me flecainide and advised me to take it with the beta blocker. He also recommended an ablation which I have scheduled in a week. I guess my question is how many of you all have had successful ablations? Svt has really ruined my quality of life to the point that all I can think about is when the next svt episode will occur. I work in law enforcement so I really need this to be fixed so I can get back to work and get on with my life. Any stories of others alabtion experiences will be much appreciated!

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i have had three ablations for AF and as a result know a few people who have had SVT ablations as well. all of whom had successful procedures. As a 23 year old person in law enforcement you are already fit, so the procedure and recovery will be easier for you. Remember to relax and just wonder through it all. Two days after my first ablation i was swapping fence panels, but follow your occupational health section's advice and take it easy.

flecainide is very effective with a basically healthy heart, but you won't need this if your ablation is a success. Remember you don't have any heart disease (i presume), so this procedure is just fine tuning to bring your pump inline. Good luck , Jim

Thank you for you're response! I hope I can be back on my feet as soon as possible but more importantly I'm hoping my EP can find the source of my svt and cure me for good. As far as the rest of the aspects of my heart my cardiologist told me I have a young healthy heart after going through all the testing (ekg, echo, and stress test). When you had your ablations were you put under general anesthesia?

BobJensen in reply to TGarrett32

Metoprolol works well for me.

Doris2010 in reply to TGarrett32

Hi did u go ahead with the ablation? If so how did you get on?

Hi TGarret32, I developed SVT following a blood clot in my lung. I was on Verapamil for a year and then had an ablation. They were not able to trigger the SVT so could not ablate. However I have not suffered from it since only short bouts of tachycardia which resolve spontaneously. I did not have a general anaesthetic just sedation. It was an ok procedure but I did have awful bruising in my leg afterwards! Good luck.

Hi I am 57 and have had SVT since my twenties, stupidly I just thought the episodes of palpitations were something to do with stress, 6 years ago when the episodes became much worse I sought medical help, I had the relevant tests and when having a doo I took self to A&E and the SVT was caught on an ECG . I was given beta blockers which over a period the strength was increased 3 times. I was offered an ablation which I declined and was put on slow release verapamil instead of beta blockers which didn't have the same side effects. Last year the episodes escalated again, 17 from June to Jan above 200 bpm to 250bpm, anything from one hour to seven hours. Most of the time I could stop the episodes myself but twice was admitted to hospital Dec 2016/ Jan2017. The cardiologist persuaded me to have the ablation. I was re-referred and had the procedure in April. It was successful, no more episodes and no more medication. Mine was straight forward they found the problem spot and ablated it. No significant scar tissue or I could be still having problems. In hindsight I should have had it done much sooner. My episodes were regular and affecting my life. I hope this helps and the best of luck with your ablation!!

Me too AVNRT ablation in April 2016 but took a while for it to settle

Doris2010 in reply to Nods

Hi I had ablation for AVNRT in March this year, thankfully no episodes of SVT since but occasional palps where my heart seems to be re-setting itself? Have u felt anything like this? I had bad episode last week & got checked out but was put down to a viral infection! How are u doing now 1yr on?

I suffered with SVT in the past and although I think I had it from young, I had a really tough two years with reoccurring episodes.

I had one ablation which they did a study then decided they could not abkate as it was a lot more complex then they had imagined for 26 year old healthy woman.

They then tried flecanide which made me even worse after another 9 months or so they decided weighing up a complex procedure and the quality of life I was having (I was frightened to go out apart from work and back incase it started) they would ablate.

I instantly felt different after recovered well and have never looked back! This time I was out in blood thinners after but only as they had to ablate the right and left sides of atria (normally svt is only the right which is much easier to ablate)

I recently gave birth to a healthy little girl and was fine through pregnancy- this may have been different if I had not had the ablation. My cardiologist was at the end of the phone during my labour even though it was two years later advising on what meds’ I could have!

Fantastic service

I know how u must be feeling but it is such a good procedure it’s amazing really.

Good luck with it all and cheers to feeling better 😀

I have svt and was diagnosed earlier this year following a lengthy episode. I have had quite a few episodes since my late teens. I was booked into have an ablation at the end of the month but I recently cancelled this. I'm not sure if this was the right thing to do but seen as my attacks are infrequent and I'm not on any meds, an ablation seemed excessive. If, like you, it was getting in the way of carrying out my daily tasks, I would go ahead with it. I am new to this forum, but the stories I have read appear to be mostly positive ones which is comforting. I think it also helps if you have a good cardiologist / consultant, who is able to help you feel at ease. When talking me through the risks my consultant told me that if I was to die during the procedure, he would have to "take it on the chin". I must say, that has played a part in my choice not to go ahead! All the very best to you, and a swift recovery!

Hi I have been under the care of a cardiologist now for some time as I was suffering with dizzy spells black outs heart palpitations I have undergone a lot of tests for my heart because they thought I had an arrithmia as my heart was beating at 200 beats a min I have even been implanted with a heart loop recorder to try and catch my symptoms omit and thy did and they said I had svt and I have just had an ablation done and the cardiologist says that should stop me from having any more symptoms but it's hard to tell as I only had it done this week i'm hoping it does work so I can have a normal life

tk11 in reply to Lum74

Hi Lum 74

I like you have a loop recorder inserted. I am on Bisoprolol 10mg and flecainide twice daily and still experience svt.

Was the procedure ok, is it like an EP study? and how are you recovering? X


Just came across your post and was surprised to find so much similarities to myself. I just received a conditional job offer with a police department, the offer is contingent upon me passing a medical exam. I had my medical exam the other day where they did a stress test. During the stress test my heart rate was high during the stress test and I felt very gassed and unable to catch my breath for some time after the stress test. This made me begin to wonder because I have had some random episodes the past few years where I begin to feel odd(sweaty, faint, shallow breathing) They then told me to get with my family doctor before I could be cleared to be officially hired as a police officer. I saw my family doctor the other day and he seems to believe I may have SVT. I did a 24 heart monitor and am waiting for the results and I have a stress echo test scheduled for next week and am worried I do have this or another heart arrhythmia and this is going to derail my law enforcement career right before it is about to get started! I am afraid if I get through this stress echo next week and am cleared to go on to the police academy that I will have episodes when going through pt exercises while at the police academy.

TGarrett32 in reply to Ryanv93

I understand your concern completely I recently just lost my career in law enforcement because of my health condition. I had five years in and had a lot of dreams about moving up through the ranks but I became ill back in July of 2017. It started with heart palpitations where my heart would be from 170+ bpm I had all the test done stress,echo,24 hour holter monitor (which never caught an episode of fast heart rate because it wouldn’t happen every day) 14 day event monitor which finally caught my rapid heart rate. I was diagnosed with SVT and had an ablation procedure done which I woke up in the cath lab after and looked over at my electrophysiologist still drugged up and asked him if he found it and fixed it which he told me that I didn’t have a short circuit and that electrically my heart was great (I trust his opinion because he is highly reputable and a top hospital where I live built a cath lab with all new technologies just for him) he then told me that I could possibly have Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome. I had a tilt table test done shortly after I had my EP study done and it didn’t reveal definitive results for POTS so not knowing what else to do I went to a Dr that handles internal functions who ran extensive blood work and come to find out i have signs of having Hyperparathyroidism. I am currently waiting for more blood work to come back but my Dr is pretty sure that is the cause of all the symptoms I have. So I have been there and done it when it comes to heart testing and my advice would be to start with the simple stuff first. Before you jump into a EP study I would try to rule out any thyroid problems because I have spent a load of money on all the tests and the EP study. As far as the EP study w/ablation goes there’s really nothing to worry about. I can say I was extremely freaked out about having a procedure done on my heart which I’m sure everyone does lol but i had a good experience and the worst part is having a sore groin for a week.I would recommend though that you get checked out and figure out what’s going on before jumping in the academy. I know when I went through they ran us everyday and that definitely would not be a good thing to be doing when having heart issues until it’s figured out what’s going on exactly. I’m hoping I can get fixed and get back to work as soon as possible. Good luck and even though I’m sure you’re excited about being a police officer just remember to put your health first.

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