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Just wondered what support people get from partners?im due for an ablation in just over a week and my wife just does not seem bothered. she even decided she wanted space last week. We are seeking couch lint in regards to this, but I'm just gobsmacked she is of little support even with whats going on.

Am I being unreasonable in wanting extra support from her even during this difficult time?

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  • Couch lint is of course counselling! Lol

  • That must be difficult Rich. Hopefully the counselling will help you both and promote understanding and communication. I do think that with AF, because we look 'ok' , it is difficult for people who have never experienced an arrythmia to appreciate how disruptive and frightening it can feel. I became so frustrated with some friends asking me if it was 'panic making me feel like this' when I was first diagnosed. They just didn't understand that it was an abnormality with the electrics of my heart and I almost felt like I had to justify myself, explaining the condition. You will need support before/during and after your ablation, so I do hope you have a wider support network too. It is a scary thing to go through, but you will be absolutely fine. Maybe ultimately this will bring you and your wife closer together. It must be hard for partners too...sometimes i think my husband must feel like he is my carer when i have to shout for him when i am dizzy in the shower and he has to help me get out...not exactly passion inducing lol. Be well and take care of yourself

  • Sorry you your wife are having a difficult time. I had a ablation and I can tell you, you can do it. I did not have an extended circle of support and I did just fine. My husband drove me to and from the hospital and picked me up. Recovery (discomfort)was mostly from the area in the groin and that took about a week. wishing you the best.

  • Thankyou vony and Kam, I hope it all sorts itself out and I can come out of the ablation stronger, and hoping it will be the start of more positive things to come.

  • I have had two abalations and the relief of the palpitations stopping far outweighs any discomfort that maybe associated with the procedure. Good luck and stay positive.

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