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Collapse, without warning

Hi, I am a newbie to the site, last year we thought a collapse without any warning was a one off, had tests but couldn't find anything, March this year I collapsed three times again without any warning, head just hits the ground or what ever I connect with on way down, hours spent at A&E with no firm outcome, I have just be fitted with a implanted Loop Recorder which should capture any further collapses and they can then see what is happening when it comes again.

I have been Gluten Free for 18 months, but still feel that may be other foods could be triggering these attacks, but doctors don't want to try anything else until the results start coming through from this Loop Recorder, I have now cut out Cheese and also coffee, so I am just in the second week of this trial.

Not sure if anyone on this site has similar experiences, I am always researching new avenues, one such avenue is the reduction of foods high in Amines, time will tell there is no easy quick fix.

Look forward to any comments

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Hi and welcome to the site, not sure if your gluten free diet is the cause but if you have a fast heart rate it could account for your collapse which is why they are using a recorder to capture anything untoward with your heart I think, from my experience it needs to be on for at least two weeks to hopefully capture anything.

Sounds very unpleasant though.

Keep us informed and take good care,



It is not the Gluten free diet causing the problem, but it could be other foods that trigger, which also effects the vagus nerve, so I am trying to find these triggers, thanks for reply


Do you have any other medical conditions that may put you at risk of fainting? You may be cutting out foods that are important for your health, such as cheese. Unless you have been advised to avoid cheese, please think again. Please wait until you have had results of all tests before you change your diet.

I hope all will go well with you.


Hi Harley50, I had a fe 'falling down' episodes over the last few years, culminated in being admitted to A & E, where I was diagnosed with Brugada syndrome, an inherited condition which affects the electrics of the heart, causing blackouts and passing out episodes


Bulver, can I ask what your treatment was.


Hi Ronnie, I was fitted with an ICD in June 2014, having been diagnosed with Brugada syndrome. If my heart mis-fires now, then the defibrillator should give it a shock. So far, thank goodness, no shocks!

Have recently had another fainting fit, and have been advised to have a tilt test, which I am going to my GP today to discuss arranging with Harefield Hospital who implanted the defibrillator.


Sorry, have just seen your post about theTIA, so

Sorry to hear that, and also the ensuing damage to your ankle. Hope you are making a speedy recovery


Hi Bulver

Sounds like you are going through it as well, I have now seen the specialist whom is looking at sick synus syndrome so I have been referred to another specialist to have something done...not to sure what as yet originally they spoke of a Loop monitor but the specialist following an ecco has referred me to another cardiac specialist , I guess I am a little lost and have probably missed things that were said but knnow the cardiology team will do whats necessary, let me know what happens for you, Ronnie


Hi Ronnie

I do hope they get to the bottom of your problems, you seem to be getting different messages from the various specialists. I am sure you will be given the right treatment once they have determined where the problem originates. I wish you well


I am awaiting a fitting of the Loop Recorder, have had an Echo done today, this is because I passed out in my garden and broke my ankle, I went to A&E as my ankle was in severe pain, they asked how it was done and when I said I had passed out and with my medical history they were more concern with the passing out than the ankle, I had a head scan then was diagnosed with having a TIA, my ankle was then treated and I spent time in the Stroke unit, alghough it is known I either hzve Tachycardia or Bradicardic episodes I am also getting missed beats, which hopefully the Loop will pick up and I will be treated in accordance to what is needed.




I have ha a loop recorder put in on 27th July and await what this shows, I am hoping this will pick up the events of fast and slow heart rate so they can treat it in accordance. Like yourself I have had passing out episodes with it being said a possibility of sick synus syndrome as this is a condition 2 other family members have suffered.

In truth all my coronary heart problems have been going on for 12 months and tiredness is ridiculous pluss other symptoms I would just like a full diagnosis so I can move forward and restructure my life in accordance, i have been advised not to drive ( live in the sticks, no bus route) and had to reduce work as the tiredness is a huge problem.

Wish you luck in your diagnosis, hope your loop recorder picks up your events



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