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TB but its not TB?

Hello. ...I have just seen my consultant concerning a blood clot on my lung ..but she also said that apart from an abnormal patch on my sputum test showed up something that they need to test me again for. When I asked her what this was she said ' its almost like TB, but its not actually TB'. Has anyone any idea of what this could be. She is one of these drs that almost tells you something but withholds the last part. She did the same with my blood clot, tild me that she thought she knew what was wrong; what tests shes going to do and what is the long term treatment, but not actually what she thoyght ut drives me bloody mad. Im left in limbo. What with the ' abnormal area' on my lung but this could just be the clot. Any ideas please xx

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When I had a seizure in June I went to the walk in clinic at the hospital and had usual tests, and the last one was a chest X-ray. A month later the a and e doctor actually called me to go in ASAP for another chest x ray. They told me there was a dark patch on my lung, they never told me the month before! Obviously it freaked me out. But they said it had diminished. I still don't know for sure what it was. They said it could be that I inhaled bacteria when I had the seizure and caused the problem on my lung, since then I have had a chest Infection and still have a slight cough. Now they think my blackouts are due to SVTs and have to see a cardiologist In February. Just lately I have been having tightness in my chest which goes through to my back and uncomfortable feelings in my stomach. This morning I am up at 5 am uk time as I had a terrible ache in my leg.. When I had physio on it last year they said I had diminished pulse in the left leg, which is what ached this morning.

I don't know what to do. The doctors don't seem to know what to do and only tell me half of everything too. I am fed up with going back, everything seems so petty and small to complain about but

it is causing me to be more anxious, I am on beta blockers as and when needed, that's what I have been left with by the doctors.


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