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Enlarged right ventricle HELP

I'm 16 and I was taken to A&E on Monday with shortness of breath and chest pain, i had an ECG done and it was normal just slightly fast so i had an echocardiogram done (ultrasound on the heart) which revealed my right ventricle was bigger than it should be and the doctor said this could mean a clot, so i had bloods done and i fainted, i have never fainted before and i've had countless blood tests!! So the blood tests revealed no clot and i was able to go home, i have been urgently referred to a Cardiologist which will take 6-8 weeks, any ideas on what this could mean???

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Good that you don't have a lung clot, but it would be good to get a diagnosis, hopefully quite soon. If your breathing deteriorates you should push for a cardiologist to see you.

Maybe worth considering a private appointment if you really are expecting a. 6 week wait.

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If the cardiologist says it's something to do with the heart and it isn't idiopathic then we will go private but if they can't find a cause and it's idiopathic (which 50% of enlarged chambers can be) we will just try to manage it and see if anxiety management might help, personally i don't think i have anxiety but will have to wait and see what the cardiologist says, thanks


Hi Georgia, I would look on the on the British Heart Foundation (BHF) site they have some real good advice on there. I know it's nice to hear from people who have the same symptoms as you. However it doesn't work like that we are all different, but keep on looking on these different websites & forums you might just find something that suits your condition good luck for the future.


PS. Do try & get an earlier ECG they can do them in your local GP's now........

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Hi, i'v had ECG's and they were all normal just a little fast but the scan revelaed the enlarged ventricle



sorry to hear that you've been experiencing this. I'm afraid I can't offer any advice regarding diagnosis - that really is up to the experts.

What I will say though, is that I would take it as a positive thing that they've found something, regarding the echocardiogram.

This can perhaps give the docs a pointer as to what may happening and how to get you treated quickly and in the best way.

Best wishes, Rosa

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