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H1 form

Hi all simple question when did this H1 form first come out? as i didn't know about it until today i have two pacemakers fitted over the last 14 yrs and next one due about 2015/2016. when first one was fitted i was told to let dvla know, so this i did with a phone call and was told so long as i've had the ok from hospital then i can drive 24 hrs after surgery, no mention of a form.... have to say i never have done so and have always waited until the 6 week check up and then only drove if i was feeling i was in full movement etc. my insurance company know i have a pacemaker. so do i fill in a H1 form or what?

sorry if i seem to be waffling but am now confused as to why hospitals don't give out leaflets regarding the H1 form? cindy

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You've hit the nail on the head. It's a mess. Senior medical opinion was that I did not need to advise DVLA of my arrhythmia and that I could drive, AND the DVLA advice to the doctors is that I am OK to drive and do not need to advice them on form H1 or by any other method. But the advice from DVLA to patients with arrhythmias is that they do have to fill in form H1. I phoned them up to confirm and they were adamant. It is a totally confusing mess.

Anyhow, I filled in form H1 and sent it off, and like everyone else got a letter back saying I could keep my licence and to let them know if anything changed.

Good luck !!!



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