have I really got a heart condition ?

Hi everyone, I'm new to this so here goes.

I have had a pacemaker for twenty years now, it was fitted for syncope bradycardia, but now I find out its fitted for complete heart block narrow qrs.

This is the bizarre bit, two heart physiologists are not seeing chb narrow qrs, and are not looking for syncope bradycardia, my atrial lead is turned off as they say its broken but wont replace it, there is obviously conflicting evidence.

I have been told if I had private tests ( as I intended to do ) they would not see anything , but there is a blip there, but it might not show for ten years,

Was there justification for a pacemaker? I found out from a cardiologist in America that a blip is an obfuscation ( no such thing )

Any advice please !!!!

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  • Hi DaveA62,

    It does sound very bazaar that you would have a pacemaker fitted for no apparent reason. I think you would need x-ray prove ofi it's fitting & any paperwork of as to why it was fitted. Then it's up to you what you do with it. I wouldn't know what to do with it. But start at the place you had it fitted.

    Good luck


  • Hi Steve,

    I have the whole case file , the pacemaker has been fitted not for one condition but two, and totally different, I know the reason why they did it, it was to deter away from what a prescription drug and what it did to me, neurological problem ( focal seizure ) that is linked to the said drug.

    The cardiac condition was not believed by an instructed cardiologist anyway, but evidence was pointing to a cover up, when pacemaker had to be changed they hid the ID information away from me and when I eventually got it ,it was three years later.

    I am awaiting private pacemaker tests, simply to get confirmation that there is nothing there and then I will have pacemaker removed, and then I am going to go to the newspapers exposing them the drug the lot, unless of course they wish to apologise and compensate accordingly, the government are aware of this matter and I have forwarded evidence to protect other people in the future, I want it dealt with, I want closure...

    " to protect others "


    Dave A

  • Hi Dave A,

    What was the name of the drug?? That could help a lot of people.

    Good luck


  • Hi Steve, it was a brand name of an NSAID, I cant reveal at present due to legal reasons sorry, what I can say is that I am getting prices for private cardiac pacing checks to evaluate true position I'm in, to also check atrial lead that the docs say is broken and so is turned off but wont replace lead saying they would not want to put me through an invasive procedure unless it was necessary , me thinks something is seriously amiss here, and does anyone know what this means <1% vp....


  • Dave... if you had syncope bradycardia, you would have had significant symptoms which would be on your medical records. I am suspected to have that condition along with atrial fibrillation..... {but am being treated for the latter for the moment.} SB leads to dizziness and fainting episodes..... not always complete passing out, however.... but a nuisance anyway. I had them frequently when younger but much less as I have got older. Check your GP's records.

    Good luck with your investigations.

  • lizty,

    I have already been told I never had that in the first place, as regards passing out I was unconscious for near on 20 minutes and other symptoms were hearing and visual disturbances which is neurological and not cardiac, the latest hospital are seeing nothing apart from a blip , but have said blip might not show up for 10 years, I enquired about a blip and found out it is an obfuscation ( no such thing )

    Syncope Bradycardia doesn't go away once you have it, its my name on the 24 hour ecg, but someone elses unfortunate condition...

  • Gosh... what an appalling mix-up...... I hope you can get some answers from the authorities! Good luck.....

  • Lizty.

    Unfortunately , I had lawyers and the cardiac condition was not believed by an instructed cardiologist anyway, without trying to frighten anyone this was no mistake.

  • Lizty,

    Also I did tell them of my intention to have private tests, reason being this imaginary blip thing, but I was told private tests would involve turning off the pacemaker, " turn that pacemaker off and your dead ", they said, I know its not a life threatening thing to do turning off the pacemaker to conduct a 24 hour ecg test and told them so.

    They backed down and said yes I was right, but tests would be a waste of time and money as they would not see anything in fact they guaranteed it, hence saying " blip " may not show up for 10 years, its not about what's going to be there in ten years time, its about what is there right now.

    And as you have confirmed they wont see anything , that says it all....

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