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Feeling hopeless after ablation for SVT and Atrial Tachy

Hi. I had my second ablation for SVT and Atrial Tachy just over 6 weeks ago and I'm still feeling awful. The first 4 weeks were the worst with almost constant skipped beats which where accompanied by a sinking feeling of dread whenever it skipped. These have started to subside but I'm in a state of anxiety all the time and when my skipped beats come back I get into a panic. I am so fed up and exhausted by it all. I am not sleeping very well as I can't get comfortable due to being so aware of my heart. I know it's to be expected to have funny beats after an ablation for about 3 months... But this is so upsetting. I just want to be back to normal. I am on 5mg bisoprolol but my resting heart rate is 76 so goodness knows how fast it would be if I wasn't on them! Has anyone else had similar experiences? I just need some reassurance. Thanks

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Hi Sarah

Could your mind be causing or aggravating the problem? Mine did I know for sure. I've got a small supply of pills to calm me. I had one truly dreadful night that I thought was the end to be honest, took a pill (Diazepam) and within 30 minutes I was back down to a level of problem I could cope with, and went to sleep. Funnily enough, now I know it's my head making things much worse, even though I have the pills to hand, I don't need to take them usually, maybe one a month?

Best wishes



Thanks Koll. Do you still get lots of symptoms? When did you have your ablation? I'm so scared this will be forever.


I wonder if you could take an easier attitude to death - whatever your age.. I am recalling how US Airborne advancing in Western Europe could tell themselves they would be lucky to survive - virtually dead - but not quite yet which seemed to reduce the fear. Having dropped flat from episode of arrhythmia myself 4 yr ago I can confirm it is quite painless (my heart spontaneously resumed sufficiently. with AF since then a rare event.) May I suggest a good priest etc. (being an atheist like me does not matter)


SarahMo - I haven't had an ablation but I can totally relate to a lot of what you post. I have skipped beats all the time and it is frightening and tiring. I don't sleep well either - when I lie down I feel like I'm just one big heart, banging away so forcefully I can't ignore it. I've been told I have ventricular/supraventricular ectopics and they are not dangerous, but that doesn't help when they are bad. I took Bisoprolol for years, up to 10mg daily and it made no difference to the amount of ectopics. I stopped taking them in April and had no trouble until the last couple of weeks when it's all built up again - when it's not skipping beats I have a pulse of well over 80 (102 yesterday, but I know I was really worried then, so that's prob why). I have a hospital visit today to read my monitor so am wondering if psychology may be playing a part in the worsening lately... but it drives me crazy if doctors put it all down to anxiety! I'm not anxious until these blasted things start up,then of course I'm worried when my heart goes weird on me, who wouldn't be!


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