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What can I do to calm ectopic beats?

Iv`e always been prone to ectopic beats. Iv`e had tests on my heart which have ruled out any disease, but sometimes I`m getting so many of these ectopic beats I feel as if there`s a mexican jumping bean in my chest. It`s very uncomfortable & annoying. Is there anything that I can do to calm things down without resorting to medication?

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Hi hairfairy, have you identified any triggers for your ectopic beats? Caffeine, alcohol and other medications may each be contributing factors. Keep a note of when you experience an ectopic beat, this might help you to tie down any triggers for sharing and discussion with your GP. Thanks



Possible triggers cold be : stress , heavy meals , some kind of food , long discussions , flue , infections , hormones , sleeping after having a meal , some medication specially treating flue and cold

If it is becoming worse contact your doctor for monitoring and diagnoses



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