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How confident are you about contacting your ICD or pacemaker clinic to discuss your device settings?


Research suggests many patients fitted with an ICD or pacemaker benefit from having the settings on their implantable device routinely reviewed and often do not benefit from the best therapy the device has to offer.

Do you feel confident talking to our physiologist, arrhythmia or ICD nurse about your device? What are your experiences with your ICD or pacemaker clinic?

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verry confident, my ICD went off last thursday (for the first time), and i phone the clinic, which was answered by a helpful and calm clinician who told me to come down to (wythenshawe hospital, manchester) where the reset my ICD. I'm glad it went off, now I know what to expect in the future

Bellacat in reply to jimmyjazzy


My Dad has just moved to South Manchester is Wythenshawe the best ICD clinic in the area...does Stepping Hill have an ICD Clinic????

Did you have your ICD fitted at Wythensawe if so did you get good care and treatment.if so who was the consultant that you were under????

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