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Just started living with an ICD


I had an ICD implanted at Harefield on 16th March 2018 and am so far so good, have attended my first Pacing Clinic appointment and was told that it is behaving as expected. My wound site has practically healed apart from some minor redness.

I am naturally left handed and still feel some discomfort when moving my left arm, not sure if this will go completely or does an ICD patient always feel 'something' due to the presence of the implant?

Do the feelings of anxiety associated with the ICD implant go away over time or is it just something we learn to live with? I am not normally an anxiety prone person but at age 70+ this is all new to me.

Would welcome the advice or input from others with an ICD implant. Thanks.

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Hello Malcky. I am quite similar to your good self. I am left handed and generally not an anxiety prone person myself. I have had my device coming up on 2 years now. Your general feelings at this juncture is common to everyone, you will be fine and please learn to trust your device. There is a period whereby you will feel insecure like at this moment but you will get used to the implant and will generally be able to continue your life as usual. Please feel free to message me at any time if you want to ask any questions.

Malcky in reply to aika

Hello Aika,

Thanks for your response which is reassuring.

I’ve had my ICD for 4 years now. I really don’t know it’s there unless I feel it when in the shower. I never think about it at all.

I’m sure you will become so used to it too, it’s still early days for you.

Hi I had pacemaker fitted Feb 2017, I at first was very conscious of it being there, but now after attending two clinics & told everything working as it should, I forget all about it. I had a hip replacement in Nov 2017 and was a little concerned but no problem whatsoever, hope this helps a little.

Hello Malcky! I was fitted with an icd 11 months ago. It took 2-3 months before I was able to sleep properly - partly being woken up when turning and also worrying about having the implant.

I'm happy to say that I hardly think about ithe icd any longer. The only slight problem I have is a niggling sensation under my left shoulder plate (my icd is on the left side). I think this is due to not being able to use the arm fully during the first months, and maybe favouring it a little even now.

All the best!

Silly me...icd's are always fitted on the left hand side, yes? :)

Hi lappalainennainen, Thanks for your welcome comments. Yes, I too find a niggling sensation on my left hand side, but as I am naturally left handed I have to remember not to overdo things with my left arm. I am now fine when sleeping and can sleep on my left side with no ill effect.

All good wishes.

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