S-ICD and working on the railway

Hi this is my first time on anything like this! My name is Darren I am 39 back in 2013 I was fitted with a S-ICD Box (defibrillator) due to a Arrhythmia problem. At that time I was working on the railway in renewals but was unable to do back to my role in the company due to the electrical and magnetic fields. My question is is there anyone on there or does anyone know of someone working on the railway with the same condition/box?

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  • I'm waiting to av a icd fitted not looking forward to it 😩😩😩😩

  • To be honest it's OK op is just over a hour it's sore for a bit and you can't raise your arm very high for about 6 weeks but depending on your life style it's not to bad

  • Where have they fitted it for u mine is going down my side

  • Yes the same place under the armpit that's the reason for not being allowed to raise your arm to high as they go through same major muscles but honestly it's not bad I was out the next day

  • Yea they said that to me

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