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NF2 neuroma and Lyrica [Pregabalin] and scoliosis do not mix!!

I have a neuroma on my spine, and have been given Lyrica [Pregabalin], for a pain killer, after a week, I have decided to stop due to pain caused by scoliosis, the scoliosis is worsening due to effect of neuroma and the Lyrica is not helping it, ok it tends to dull the pain slightly of the neuroma, but any pain killer would do that, it will not deflate the neuroma, I also have a non-healing broken rib which this 'medication' aggravates as well! Honestly I need surgery, THAT is the ONLY answer which I have had twice, successfully before, for the NF2 [Neurofibromatosis type 2]! It may be a new drug but does not work for me! Does anybody else find that the Lyrica [Pregabalin] side effects are worse than the actual medical complaint which they are originally diagnosed for?

ps. had put in wrong section previously, as Mazcd noticed, surely easy enough to do?

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I don't have a neuroma, but I live with chronic nerve pain in my face and back and rib pain. I also have scoliosis. I also take Lyrica. for me, Lyrica has been one of the better meds I've been on with fewer side effects. I actually take that in combination with Oxcarbazepine.

Some meds I've been on have had side effects leaving me feeling totally miserable, so I understand what you are saying. Everyone's experience with them can be completely different. Perhaps it would be worth asking your doctor about changing to something else. There are a lot of meds out there.


Thanks for the sympathy, the rotary scoliosis is on the move from the effects of the neuroma, I think the Lyrica competes against my epilepsy medication as well. Like you say side effects can be different to different people. Hopefully there is a MRI scan coming up soon with some surgery for this neuroma and I will be spared from too many more painful side effects. All the best rambling-on!


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