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Backlash against Nasal Flu Spray

The anti-vaccine movement is urging people not to vaccinate their children for flu this season. All social media promotions (such as NHS Choices on Facebook) are being shot down.

Core to the argument is the news that ACIP voted against LAIV for 2016-2017 flu season due to evidence of ineffectiveness:

It is worth noting that ACIP still recommends vaccination in children over 6 months just not this specific vaccine.

As I understand this is the same nasal spray used in the UK (although different brand).

Does anyone have any objective information as to why the NHS is continuing to use this vaccine?

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The NHS bought it - so they'll damn well use it!!

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I'm assuming though that they still have to do a benefit over harm analysis? It looks like the US did and decided against the nasal spray _specifically_.

If it is the case that they are using it just because they paid for it that would be some serious, serious negligence. And ultimately it would play right into the hands of the anti-vaccine narrative and undermine the NHS's authority quite considerably.

Anti-vacc'ers are going to use this case for every vaccine going. If the NHS turns out to be wrong this would have some very serious consequences.

I'd really like more information. Personally, as someone who holds a pro-vaccine outlook, this looks very worrying.


I am becoming more and more anti, the more I research into this and become aware of the deceit of Big Pharma. In principal, vaccinations are of benefit, but not to exclude and suppress our own natural resistance to diseases like chicken pox etc. Our immune systems need to fight things, and many auto immune dysfunctions can be brought on by a self destruct mode that is triggered by not having the natural pathogens to "battle".

This is an interesting and relevant article I read today

I believe every parent should have the power to choose, they know their child, and their family history. Vaccinations should never be compulsory like they are in the States.


While such an approach may be of benefit to some diseases it is useless against the flu. The virus mutates so rapidly that it is impossible for the immune system to build up a natural resistance to the virus. That is why annual flu shots are required.

You also talk about the parent's right to choose, but shouldn't parents have the choice to keep their children, especially those with weakened immune system, free from the risk of infection?

I agree that no vaccination should be compulsory but I do think pre-schools, etc, should be able to set a "no shots, no admission" policy if they wish.


Bear in mind that chicken pox can, and does, kill a number of people every year.

The over use of antibacterial cleaners is likely to be one cause of increasing immunity problems.

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The US may have decided that the nasal spray didn't work, but reports from other countries have found that it is effective and should be continued.

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This is the answer I was looking for. Thanks very much.

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