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Meningitis [10] Epilepsy & NF2 about 14 and scholiosis 41

ok here I go! I had meningitis aged 10 quarantine for six months, (could this start of triggered off my subsequent medical conditions?) epilepsy and what is NF2 about 14, my first seizure the a removal of neuroma on left forearm, then had a neuroma on my spine which was eventually removed after two and a half years, when I was 41, by then scholoisis had started on my spine. I am now 60 and beginning of 2017 had my first seizure in over a year, had grand mal seizures continually since 14. I was not prepared for this one, rather dramatic injuries from it! I broke ribs on my back on left hand and right hand side, and cracked my sternum, which now hurts permanently this now badly affects my breathing and sleeping patterns, am now scared if have another seizure could be really serious might injure internal organs? Thankful am retired so do not work! These are different medical conditions, especially NF2 one in 35,000 people have it, who would I start to see about my present overall medical condition surely beyond my GP? I do have a neurologist specialist whom I see but only on a long waiting list!

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See an Alexander teacher. They will not cure the condition but they may be able to make things more comfortable.


Johnsmith, what exactly is an Alexander teacher? Just been to A&E and been told body is a bit of a mess, but do have a sturdy heart of a lion! My broken and fractured ribs will just have to heal themselves after about 6-8 weeks, cannot alter anything, but the 'thing' at the center of me passes it's 'M.O.T.'!! Some consolation!!

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Look at

This hopefully give you a better understanding. But you will not understand until you have a lesson. You can only relate to your previous experience and the experience an alexander teacher is something you cannot comprehend until you try it.

When I had my first lesson I had read the books, but what I had experience was totally different than anything I could imagine.

Hope I have been helpful.


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