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Toothache - Infection. What remedies work for you?


Hi Everybody,

I have been prescribed anti-biotics while I wait for a decision on whether my molar is salvageable but must wait weeks and worried the "ROOT CANAL" will become infected again before anything can be done. Taking (Amoxcylin) Penecilin now but course finishes tomorrow so please suggest any ideas or natural remedies that can tide me through until then?

Thanks in advance


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surely your dentist must know what they are doing? they must give you the anti biotics now to relieve the pain of the infection. im sure if they decide if your going to get the root canal they will do it before you have time to get another infection.all the very best. i dont know of anything that you can take to stop you getting another infection although they do say that garlic is a good for infections. i would trust your dentist. love grace xoxoxo


Your dentist was quite right to recommend a course of antibiotics prior to deciding on procedure.

X-rays are not as definitive when there is inflammation present. As the infection comes under control and the inflammation subsides, so too should the pain. Main thing now is not to feed any bacteria that may have survived; avoid fruit (acid) and sugars. Counter-intuitively, if you can’t be without sugars in your diet (drinks) then I suggest you switch to honey, it has proven antibiotic properties.

Personally, I prefer ibuprofen to aspirin or paracetamol for toothache, it helps to reduce inflammation as well as acting as an analgesic. Important to take ibuprofen with or shortly after food and obviously not to exceed the recommended daily dose. Clove oil was historically a remedy for toothache but I can’t stand the hot, powerful taste of the stuff! I am reluctant to say what I’ve found really effective in the past but here goes: interspersed with the ibuprofen, I wash my mouth out with whisky (don’t have to swallow if you don’t like the taste), I found it to be an effective antiseptic and pain reliever if you can keep the whisky in the area of the affected tooth for a while.

Don’t think your dentist would approve though!

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Hi! Be careful root canal treatment could be dangerous for people with cancer due to the level of mercury the dentists introduce in the canal when the seal it! Avoid toxic components as immune system will be affectsed.

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