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Can dementia be accelerated by using Epilepsy medication?

Can long term use of medication for epilepsy accelerate the rate of dementia on a person? A person has epilepsy for over forty years, and been taking various medication's for this condition, this person is suddenly aware they have dementia, and wonders could the rapid speed of the dementia on the person be due to long effects of the epileptic drugs?

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Research does suggest a possible link between epilepsy and dementia. If you search the PubMed site, you will find papers on the subject.


Not familiar with long term use of epilepsy medication Adlon57, but there is a connection between seizures and Vitamin B12 Deficiency.

Japanese keep their people's B12 bloods above 500 to ward off

Dementia and Altzheimers.

Hubby and my B12 bloods were in the grey area between 300-400 we now supplement with B12 vitamins.

Also there is a epilepsy and 'low thyroid' (Hypothyroidism) connection too.

(B12 mimics low thyroid (Hypothyroidism) )

Google these:-

*B12 and Epilepsy,

*Low thyroid (Hypothyroidism) and Epilepsy

* Low iron or ferritin (stored iron) and Epilepsy

*Low or deficient vitamin D and Epilepsy.

Always best to have the above bloods up to good levels.


Dear Adlon57, there is a link between long-term use of sodium valproate (Epilim) and reversible dementia symptoms. If you believe you may be affected, you are advised to see your neurologist as soon as possible to review your treatment. Please do not change anything about your prescribed treatment without the supervision of your neurologist. Best wishes, ERUK_RI


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