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Anxiety or what

Last friday night i woke uo freling short of breath. By sunday i was sick to my stomach and feeling terrible. Started thinking i was having a heart attack and went to ER. They did stomach CT, chest xray, blood work, ekg, urine. All came back normal. I had a complete heart evaluation in march this year. It was csrdica ct.of heart for blockages, no blockages. I had nuclear stress, a treadmill stress and a chest ct to clear me of anyuresms. Im frustrated because i am waking up feeling like i cant breath. After i eat i feel breathless and my stomach hurts. Would my heart change that much? I lift weight m-f

Do cardio 4 days a week and watch what i eat.

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Breathlessness can be down to iron deficiency.

(Not saying yours is robinebc)

Low iron = low oxygen = Breathlessness.

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I have had the same issues! Shortness of breath and had every test ran on me and they all came back normal. Do you worry and stress a lot?