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Hi, I have a love for English mustard, I use it to flavour salad wraps, are there any health benefits with mustard or any dangers I should consider?, I use it a lot.

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Mustard apparently contains lots of benefits, in particular the seeded variety. I have a teaspoonful of Dijon with every meal because I love it and have done for years. I understand it is considered good for lowering bad cholesterol amongst over things.

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I have mustard in some of my quiches and added on my cold cheese sandwiches. It has no carbs., so you don’t go over the carb. count at each meal.

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mustard is high in zinc I think

(hey that rhymes )

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yes if you have certain allergies, it’s on the list of 16 allergic possibilities.

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Good morning.just read your post on mustard, no health benefits in fact in uk, it’s one of 14 allergic products you may not want to risk ,.

I also love most mustards apart from American, it tastes so different from English, other than that it may have benefits on cholesterol as some have said, I’m not sure about that, so cannot give an opinion.

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