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What vegetable can you grow in a pot

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What can I grow?

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You can grow just about any vegetables or fruits you like in pots. You can get lots of advice and on something you would like to grow on YouTube..or you can ask me😁

I just look a photo of a lychee tree in a pot on my terrace.

Lychee tree,
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How a holly basil, this one is about five feet tall.

Holly basil

Wow, I have just brought a grow bag of winter seeds, I have seriously been bitten by the gardening bug!!

I have got my name down for my own allotment. So far I have a strawberry plant? I shall be asking you for advice, my aim is to have sustainable veggie and fruit garden. At the moment no chard as is not a winter crop. I am the exciting planning stage, I am part of a gardening club, of around 4, - 5 a community veggie garden, the team are excellent

1) A retired communication officer

2) Biochemist

3) Geologist


5) Geography teacher

6) Nurse

I am in good learning hands.

Today I composted an asparagus bed, preparing for planting.old pic of summer veg


That sounds really good, a lot of friends and family used to have allotments in London. It was really very rewarding..😊

Am just worried about the work of managing on my own

Am sure you will be able to manage, you've been doing really good with what you grow so far. If you need any help/advice..please don't hesitate to ask😇

It was 4am when I read your post, so It didn't really register on your team's qualifications, seems to me that you got a perfect team to grow just about anything you want to..plus medical assistance if someone should stub themselves in the foot whilst digging 😬

If I should ever come back to London, will you consider me in your team.. with my construction experience I can build a really amazing shed for your allotment.

If I get my allotment, I a person number 15 on list . Being part of community garden is my sort of School of learning.... until I can graduate and get an allotment of my own. It is going to be a lot tougher than I thought!

Ladt week prepared for asparagus , composted, the beds I absolutely love ....chard. I found organic seeds on Amazon however can not start until summer I am wondering what sort of budget I need?

I am on the waiting list for an allotment If it is bad condition then I will have either invest in bringing it up to a standard. Or use my outdoor space around the building I live in.

With all this lockdown, omicron etc...the superintendent is being more lenient. In fact my neighbour spend a substantial amount making her stone garden. It is very nice.

So my pots should not be a problem, yes if you did visit London I would would seem certainly invite you I am just a little worried that compared to Thailand ours ( community garden)would seem basic.

How big is your plot?

Was I good condition when you inherited it?

Thailand you have good weather all your around? You mentioned lychee wow they are lovely.

My vision is to find a sustainable healthy way of living, to buy organic veg is expensive. If I grow food even at the hardest times we have foods, veg is always healthy xxx

Am very lucky that I have about 500 square meters of garden, that's really good considering that's it's in a city..I have done a lot to it over the last 7 years. And the farm is two hectares, but its only for fruit trees and someone is looking after that as it's to far away to be able to look after it myself. It was only been used to grow cassava when I bought it.I like your vision of growing your own vegetables and perhaps a little fruit as well, I grow lots of plants in pot of all sizes, they do need regular watering and fertiliser, but for me its very rewarding. 😊

Cassava wow, do you actually buy any veg? Well all the cop25 environmentalists plus covid-19 has made ne appreciate a more simple life, seeing parsnips bagged up in supermarkets for 20p is a little worrying. Yes my motivation is towards a greener healthy life, Prepacked stuff makes me feel like we cheated on nature

You can grow carrots in a pot. Short varieties are best like chantenay. Also you can grow tomato plants.

Really indoors or out doors

Outdoor, greenhouse or conservatory. Plants need sunlight.


I kept the tomato plants indoors, but had some pots of carrots indoors and some outside. 🥕

Do the tomato plants fruit?

Yes the tomato plants fruited abundantly, with very sweet tomatoes.

The best carrots I’ve ever grown were from a pot, the taller pots will give fantastic, show stopping vegetables provided you remember to water 😂

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How big were your pot? Where did you get seeding did you use compost ir soil?Step by step instructions would be nice

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I sow carrots from around April onwards, the date range on the packs are best guide although I don’t have any success with later plantings once it’s too warm. Scatter a few seeds on the top of any pot that is taller than 15 inches. Cover with about a centimetre of fine compost or as recommended on the packet. I generally get the ones resistant to carrot root fly although in pots they are less prone. Go for longer varieties if your pots are deep or the little round ones if using the window box sizes troughs. You could use a half barrel and sprinkle more seeds, don’t worry about sowing distance as you can thin later, tiny carrots are lovely. I always over sow. General purpose peat free compost with some added water retention granules is fine, don’t use anything with stones but put some bits of broken pot or large shells in the bottom over the holes. Keep it watered, if you’re in a rainy area you mightn’t need to water as much. It doesn’t have to be in the sun all day, in fact that would cause it to dry out too fast. Plastic pots seem to retain the moisture better but if you use clay pots you can see when they are wet as they go darker. If the soil is shrinking from the sides of the pot it is too dry.

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I think I want to grown carrots chard, and garlic, have you ever grown these

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Chard is probably the easiest, if you’ve a bare bit of earth that gets some sun sow a few seeds about half inch deep in April/may and keep watered, they come up in days. Garlic cloves are planted either November or March, I don’t have huge success in my chalky soil, they grow but the bulbs are not large. They aren’t difficult, follow the instructions on the packet. The best ones we ever had was the first year we grew them, maybe we took more care?

Quickest things to grow are cress, and salad leaves, chives, radish, short carrots, beets taking longer.

Happy potting!

Cheers, Midori

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Hi Bluelady-sing,

My Neice and my Mom both were planting avocado seeds in little cups to be stored on the top of windows both in the kitchen and table areas a few months ago. There are some growing very nicely since the first day that they had been planted. :-)

Wow, guys this is all great advice, on the health side the research was from Cambridge and Newcastle University April 2021, the benefits of eating organic veg.

Thanks everyone Merry Xmas, I had to buy rainbow Chard yesterday a treat for Xmas. (Non left in garden)Looking forward to spring when I get planting. Chard and parsley is to die for.......

Merry Xmas

Rainbow chard

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