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Aged fermented garlic

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Hi everyone,

I have heard that fermented aged garlic is good for the gut microbiome. Any ideas where one can buy it?

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Hi KBMosia you want to look for black garlic as thats aged and fermented garlic, you should be able to get in in whole food shops and some supermarkets are selling it so I'd google black garlic and your local supermarket to check and you will be able to buy it online.

Here's a link about black garlic and its benefits as its become popular outside of Japan:

I hope this helps,

Jerry. 😊

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KBMosia in reply to

Thank you so much Jerry, I am going out to the shops today so I will pop into my local wholefoods and look for it.

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Lavender54 in reply to

That is so interesting Jerry.

Black garlic is in most supermarkets here and I've looked at it but never really took it on board, or looked it up.

Now however, I shall certainly try it, Thank you. L

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Hi KBMosia. I got mine from Whole Foods online.

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KBMosia in reply to springcross

Thank you very much. Its good to know where I can buy it.

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springcross in reply to KBMosia

You're welcome.

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It’s very easy to pickle garlic yourself. It’s lovely!😊

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I started making a mixture of fermented honey, garlic and ginger 2 years ago through a tutorial on YouTube.

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KBMosia in reply to Imaaan

Oh, that's interesting, I might just try it and see how it goes. Thanks

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Hi KBMosia

I've never tried fermented garlic, but I might look out for it, and give it a try. I hope you are able to find some, and that you enjoy it.

Zest :-)

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KBMosia in reply to Zest

A few people have replied to my question and apparently it is called black garlic and it is available at wholefoods online and some supermarkets, so I will be looking there

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PhilFreeToAsk in reply to KBMosia

You could try Isle of Wight Garlic farm. They grow and make a whole range of garlic products including black garlic.

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KBMosia in reply to PhilFreeToAsk

Thank you, I will definitely have a look at that website

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Well did you ever think of making it …. I did and it was pretty easy.Buy organic garlic from your local farmers market and put it in a rice cooker outdoors on low heat.

Let it got for 14-17 days and that’s it!

You have luxurious black garlic . Afterwards you peel them and place in a jar and put in fridge.

Give it try …

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KBMosia in reply to steve_canada

Thank you Steve, how many bulbs would you need and once peeled and jarred ,how long do they last for

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steve_canada in reply to KBMosia

You can try 6-10 whole garlic in the rice cooker. I believe they can last for a few months. I think I made 6 the first time because I didn’t know if I would like it. They have a certain balsamic deliciousness to them.

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KBMosia in reply to steve_canada

Its something I might try at some point. Thank you

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Hi.. yes, ALL ‘fermented’ (cultured) foods are fantastic for increasing & feeding the gut microbiome: kefir, kombucha, cultured veg, kraut, kimchi, etc. 😋 Fermented garlic can be made very simply, quickly and cheaply yourself… just put organic garlic cloves, salt and the clear whey (from kefir) into a jar topped up with a little water & leave on the kitchen counter for 6 days to ferment. After that, pop the jar into the fridge & the garlic will keep for many months & will continue to build the level of probiotics it contains. NB.. the garlic cloves turn blue! Weird but very cool!! 😮

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KBMosia in reply to Simes11

Thank you. That sounds simple enough, clear whey from kefir, will have to Google it so I know where to get it

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Simes11 in reply to KBMosia

You can buy kefir in most healthfood shops and most supermarkets; filter the (unflavoured!) kefir through a coffee filter or kitchen towel to get the clear whey separated out.

Here’s a very good/straightforward recipe for you that I’ve never had fail.. hope this helps. 🧄

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KBMosia in reply to Simes11

It helps a lot , thank you. I will try it, the recipe is simple enough

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Hi, I did a workshop on fermentation recently, and one thing I am going to try is to submerge garlic cloves in unpasteurised miso and leave for a few weeks/months. Delicious

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