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Creamy Tuna Pie

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Tonight's dinner was roughly based on this recipe. I added corn kernels, onions and seeded mustard to the mix and reduced the amount of cream. I also added a layer of mashed sweet potato beneath the sliced potatoes. I served it with steamed broccolini. It was delicious 😀

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Hey Kaz this looks so good yours looks nicer than the one in the recipe.

So I bet it was perfect with steamed brochures a delicious meal. 😊

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Your tuna pie reminds me of a tuna potpie that my mom had cooked years ago. It had mixed vegetables and lots of tuna mixed in. We haven't had it in a while, but I will have to see if we can in the next few weeks. Glad you enjoyed it. :-)

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Hi Kaz747

Thanks for sharing that recipe, it looks really delicious. I love tuna bakes.

Zest :-)

I love anything that has tuna ☺️ It looks so delicious 😋

Your tuna pie looks delish. I don't eat tuna so would replace with another type of fish or chicken but that looks like one yummy pie to tuck into. Love the changes you made to the original recipe to tweak it to your taste. Thanks for sharing 😊

That looks delicious !!! low in carbs ??

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Kaz747Star in reply to Herman7275

Not too bad - it has a potato top so that's carbs but no refined carbs.

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Herman7275 in reply to Kaz747

Yea can't have any potato carbs high , or bread,rice,pasta, so that limits my choices.

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Activity2004Administrator in reply to Herman7275

What about adding sweet potatoes instead of a regular potato?

Mmm, looks delicious. Thanks for sharing the recipe!

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