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Dinner: 10-10-2021: Gluten Free Quiche

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Hi everyone. Tonight’s dinner was: liquid egg whites, black beans, four shredded cheese, green olives, thick and chunky salsa, brown rice and a key lime Greek yogurt. It was really good and had 47 carbs. for the entire meal. We are having the leftovers for lunch tomorrow afternoon. I will post a picture of it tomorrow when it’s possible.

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Hope you thoroughly enjoyed your meal. A pic is always nice. Is there a reason why you choose to have the whites instead of the whole egg yolks and all?

I've switched to duck eggs a while back because of issues with the chicken. I recently purchased a dozen chicken eggs to see if I could tolerate the yolks better cuz its rich in nutrients. My doc suggested it. Today was my first trial.

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Activity2004Administrator in reply to Imaaan

We buy the liquid eggs since they have less cholesterol issues dealing with them.

Thank you for saying that about the quiche. I will add a picture of the slice when I have lunch later today. With the cheese, it held the quiche and everything added to it together very nicely. :-)

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Imaaan in reply to Activity2004

Thnxs for letting me know I figured you'd mention cholesterol. I don't really concern myself with cholesterol in relation to eggs. I feel the benefits of a whole egg outweigh that and it's not like I'm downing a dozen a day. That said, if liquid eggs is your preference always do you ;)

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Activity2004Administrator in reply to Imaaan

Anytime! You're welcome! :-)

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Leftover quiche from dinner last night for lunch today.

Quiche with brown rice crust

Hi Leah,

Glad to hear you enjoyed your meal, it sounds tasty.

Zest :-)

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Activity2004Administrator in reply to Zest

Hi Zest,

It was really good after being in the refrigerator over night. I love when the flavors blend together. It's really good.

This was a first time adding black beans and some salsa to a quiche. I think we should do that again in a few weeks when we have another quiche planned. :-)

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